Sunday, May 19, 2013

Grandmaster Yoon Byung In Memorial Day training (Tuksu Suryon)

group photo Tuksu Class May 19,2013
Sunday, May 19th, Grandmaster Kim Soo held a memorial training in honor of Grandmaster Yoon Byung-In, the senior Grandmaster of Chayon-ryu.

The training was a requirement for all instructor level students and black belts of Chayon-Ryu.

Master Kim Geary
Instructors from many branch schools were in attendance, including: Master Kim Geary of Austin Chayon-Ryu (Austin, Texas), Master Michael Moore of Bakersfield Chayon-Ryu (California), Kyosanim Melissa L. Nichols of Kim Soo Karate Baytown (Baytown, Texas), Master Lawrence Robinson of Galveston Chayon-Ryu (Galveston Island, Texas), Master Santiago Rangel of Rosenberg Chayon-Ryu (Richmond/Rosenberg, Texas).

Grandmaster Kim Soo lead the class through a review of the core fundamentals of the Chayon-Ryu system, many forms and exercises such as tightening ways and Hanson-Daeryon (Chu'an Fa two man sparring exercise).

"Martial arts is knowledge and philosophy,"
Grandmaster stressed the true meaning of martial arts, and the right reasons for training, Kong and preserving the legacy of Grandmaster Yoon.

Grandmaster has also made it a requirement from now on, for all instructors to count in Korean, and know the Korean numbers up to ten (minimum).
Grandmaster stressed the importance of instructor clinic, and that it is a unique offering of the
Master Robinson, Kyosanim Gonzalez, Grandmaster Kim Soo
Chayon-Ryu system, that instructors can continue to train and refine their understanding of the curriculum they teach, to further benefit students and the preservation of the system.

 At the break between sessions, the Chayon-Ryu Yudanja Whey (Black Belt Association) officers were appointed by Grandmaster Kim Soo. Master Raymond Nelson is president.
Master Nelson is chief instructor of the Rice University Chayon-Ryu club.

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