Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Congratulations to black belts promoted at the 282nd Rank Examination:

Master Raymond C. Nelson is awarded his 6th degree black belt and certificate by Grandmaster Kim Soo

Master Michael Dugas has showed plenty patience of dedication over 35 years finally, achieved his 5th Dan master degree
Master John Rogers presented with his 5th Dan certificate by Grandmaster Kim Soo

  • 7th Dan David Bryan Reed (World HQ) 
  • 7th Dan John Stephens (Downtown)
  • 7th Dan Honor Benjamin Lew (Clear Lake)
  • 6th Dan Raymond Nelson (World HQ)
  • 6th Dan Lawrence Lee Robinson Jr (Downtown)
  • 5th Dan Michael Dugas (World HQ)
  • 5th Dan Brian Hammer (Kim Soo Martial Arts of Austin, Texas)
  • 5th Dan John Peterson Rogers (Katy Kim Soo Karate)
  • 4th Dan Alex Adams (Downtown)
  • 3rd Dan Alberto Borjas (World HQ)
  • 3rd Dan Sydney Moen (Downtown) 
  • 2nd Dan Sarah Geenberg (Wimberley Chayon-Ryu)

 photo credit: Kenneth Young, Sabeomnim--Kingwood Chayon-Ryu

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

DOJANG NEWS? Send us your stories!

Inside Chayon-Ryu wants to hear from branch instructors! Send us your news, stories, essays and events. Be a contributing source for all things Chayon-Ryu.


December 3, 2014-Baytown, TX

Dr. Bernick

Dr. James Bernick, MD, invited Chief Instructor of Kim Soo Karate of Baytown, Melissa Nichols (Kyosanim) to speak at his quarterly MDVIP health and wellness seminar. Held at the Baytown Community Center the seminar was open to senior citizens and their friends and family. The topic of the seminar was Managing Stress. Life can be stressful, and with the holidays, even more so. Dr. Bernick, whose wife (also a physician), is a student of Chayon-Ryu at the Baytown school (Dr. Pam Bernick), asked if there were some methods utilized in Chayon-Ryu that might give his patients new insight into different methods for managing stress.

Kyosanim spoke for an hour on utilizing Chayon-Ryu principles and techniques learned in the dojang to manage stress in every day life. Deep breathing, stretching, mindful meditation and decompression techniques were demonstrated by Kyosanim Nichols, as the class followed along.
Kyosanim said by applying basic Chayon-Ryu principles to everyday living we can better manage our stress. By finding a balance between our physical and mental self, avoiding stressful situations, or individuals, decompressing by breathing, walking, meditation, we can improve our lives and longevity.  The next seminar will cover self defense for senior citizens and will be held in May 2015.

Approximately 30 were in attendance.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Life Style Martial Arts

Life Style Martial Arts
By Alberto Borjas

Alberto Borjas
As a lifelong Martial Arts student and physical educator, I always found a contradiction between Martial Arts training and the health of its practitioners.
I have experienced the many benefits of Martial Arts but also suffered many ailments as a result of its practice.

The goal of Martial Arts in the modern era should be to promote health and longevity; however I became less healthy than people who did not practice martial arts.  

          Two years ago I was about to quit my training because of severe back problems and other ailments.  I tried chiropractic but it didn’t help much.  I was almost 57 years old but I was not ready to quit.  I’ve always seen martial arts not as a sport but as a way of life.  

          One day I decided to contact Grandmaster Kim Soo and he invited me to his Dojang.  After he welcomed me at his office I took my first Chayon Ryu class.  That day I started to understand many things.   I realized that many of my body ailments were not a result of my age but a consequence of poor training methods.  Poor training methods can make you very unhealthy. 
Traditional teaching methods were designed without taking into consideration the health of the practitioners.  That training leads to injuries and makes it almost impossible to keep practicing after you pass your prime. 
          In my experience of more than 30 years studying Martial Arts I’ve found many problems in Martial Art Schools that lead to injuries.  Some of these problems are:
  • 1.    No proper warm up and/ or cool down or no warm up or cool down at all.

  • 2.    No proper structure of class.  E.g. Core training material done at the beginning of the class without a proper preparation.

  • 3.    Poor teaching methods due to the instructors lack of knowledge of the natural human body mechanics.  E.g. Wrong teaching methodology of kicking techniques can lead to knee and/ or hip injuries.

  • 4.    Wrong methods of breathing.  Improper breathing rhythm, for example not exhaling during exertion.

  • 5.    Instructors lack of a deep knowledge or teaching experience. In the great majority of schools most of the teaching is done by junior Black Belts, even teenagers.

  • 6.    Instructors lack of knowledge of scientific methods of training.  E.g. Improper training methods to increase flexibility can lead to hip injuries.

Another problem in today’s Martial Arts world is the lack of programs oriented to the adult population.  A great number of schools don’t offer adult classes or fall in the following categories:
  • 1.    Children focused schools: curriculum is focused on children and adult students simply don’t fit in.
  • 2.    Sport oriented schools – curriculum is focused on sport competition and competition is not for everyone especially after you pass your prime.
  • 3.    Schools that offer adult classes but their curriculum is not catered to senior students or not deep enough to maintain adult students interest.

Grandmaster Kim Soo designed a scientific
method of teaching martial arts.
 All these are universal problems you will not find in Chayon Ryu schools.  I firmly believe the solutions to these universal problems are in Chayon Ryu.

Chayon Ryu is a new approach to training ancient martial arts in the modern day.  Grandmaster Kim Soo based on his unparalleled knowledge and teaching experience designed a scientific method of teaching martial arts.  He recognized the importance for preserving and improving the health of martial arts practitioners. 
Chayon Ryu or Natural Way is based on natural human body mechanics emphasizing the balance between body and mind to promote longevity and success in life.  Chayon Ryu is not only for talented people or gifted athletes; it is for everyone.  Everyone can benefit from Chayon Ryu practice regardless of age, gender or physical limitations.  The first thing you will notice in a Chayon Ryu school is a great number of students way past their prime training alongside children and young students; that is very uncommon in today’s Martial Arts schools.
In my opinion the first of many virtues of Chayon Ryu is that it allows its practitioners to enjoy the benefit of martial arts training their entire lives:  A true lifestyle martial arts system.
          Now after 2 years of training in Chayon Ryu I can say my body is almost 100% healed.  Chayon Ryu methods of training have helped me to heal my body and I am in the best physical shape I’ve been in the last 10 years.  I am enjoying martial arts training again. 
          In today martial arts world there is a great number of systems or styles that offer Self Defense or Sport competition.  Grandmaster Kim Soo’s Chayon Ryu Martial Arts provides far more than that for modern day practitioners: A life style martial arts system for the 21st century.
 I think we have the obligation to promote Chayon Ryu so others can benefit from its practice.  Like Grandmaster Kim Soo says “share the good medicine”

Monday, October 27, 2014


Outdoor Training at Memorial Park
It is a great event for everyone to attend, from white belt up!  Bring your family and make a day of it.  

Training begins at 10:00 AM.  Wear your uniform and bring sunscreen and some shoes to train in on the grass.

You'll also want to bring some chairs or blankets to sit on after training and something to drink.

Don't miss out on this fun outdoor event!  

Class is taught by Spring Branch chief instructor Master Sean Kim.  For Map and information visit the KIM SOO KARATE website.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Group Training and Motivational Seminar November 8th

Grandmaster Kim Soo presents a training and motivational seminar on Saturday November 8th for all Chayon-Ryu Students (probably most appropriate for junior high and older), and the public.  Students wear your dobok! Tell your friends to come!  They can come in loose fitting clothes, warm up and learn Natural Way movements with us (or just sit on the side or in the back) and stay for the demo and seminar.

The Motivation Seminar will start at 10a.m. and go till noon. 
The 1st session there will be warming up exercise along with stretching, Natural way movements, gun and walking stick self defense demo by system founder Grandmaster Kim Soo.

The 2nd session will start at 11a.m. Students should wear doboks and visitors can wear loose fitting clothes for exercise. Participants should be at school 20 minutes before the start of the first session.  One of Chayon-Ryu's most successful masters of the system will be participating and imparting his method of applying Chayon-Ryu principles to life outside the dojang in various and sundry ways that lead down the path of success.

Master Don Martin – 6th Dan

Master Martin began training with Grand Master Kim Soo in the mid 70’s in Houston and reached his first dan black belt in the early 80’s. His dream was to open up a branch school somewhere in the US. He and Master Charlotte Hwang decided on Tucson as their base.

After setting up classes at remote locations, he returned to his primary work and taught classes in the evenings. His training commitments included demonstrations, tournaments and leading training retreats.

He was promoted to 6th Dan (Master level) in 2010 and still occasionally travels with Grand Master Kim Soo to visit dojangs in other countries.

Master Martin will be giving an hour long presentation on two topics: "The Training Hall Oath Revisited", and "Kim Soo Karate and Business." with a Q & A to follow and general discussion. You do not want to miss this event!

for more information, log on to 

Friday, September 5, 2014

UH Downtown Self Defense Seminar

The UHD PE department has been offering a free self defense workshop each semester, and in the Spring & Fall of 2014 they asked Mr. Robert Henriksen to put it on. 
In the spring, they scheduled it in the middle of the semester; there were about 30 participants, and it was very well received.
Mr. Henriksen asked the program coordinator to schedule the fall event early in the semester, *prior* to the start of the karate class, so that we can hopefully increase enrollment in the karate class. I'm hopeful that we'll achieve that goal.
"I spent about 20 minutes discussing self defense principals:
awareness of your surroundings,
leaving your cell phone in your pocket,
avoiding as much as you can,
ways to avoid looking like a good victim, etc.
Then had everyone get up and follow along with natural body movements and some basic self defense techniques." - Mr. Robert Henriksen

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Master Benjamin Lew Retires

After teaching as chief instructor since 1982, Master Benjamin Lew is retiring, but will always consider his students as family.

Master Lew began training in Chayon-Ryu nearly forty years ago, and started training Kim Soo Karate Clearlake in 1975. In 1982, he took over as the chief instructor from Mr. Paul Driggers. Master Lew was awarded with a certificate of appreciation from Grandmaster Kim Soo for his years of service and dedication to Chayon-Ryu.
Master Ray Nelson, Mr. Warren Faubion, Grandmaster Kim Soo, Master Lew, and Master Santiago Rangel

Mr. Faubion is appointed new chief instructor for Kim Soo Karate Clearlake

Mr. Warren Faubion was appointed the new chief instructor for Kim Soo Karate of Clearlake. Congratulations Master Lew on forty years of dedication, and to Mr. Faubion for his appointment.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Black Belt Promotions

Congratulations to our newly promoted black belts! Wonderful job!

  • Master John Peeler ... 5th dan ... Kim Soo Karate of North Carolina
  • David Bayles ... 2nd dan ... Kim Soo Karate Spring Branch/World HQ
  • Brian Moye...2nd dan ... Kim Soo Karate Spring Branch/World HQ
  • Alan Bryson ... 1st dan ... Kim Soo Karate Spring Branch/World HQ

Monday, August 4, 2014

Black Belt Promotions August 2014

Master Peeler is presented with his 5th Dan belt by Grandmaster
Kim Soo. Master Peeler is from the North Carolina branch.
280th Aug 2014     Black Belt Promotions: Congratulations Black Belts!
5th Dan     John Thomas Peeler (North Carolina Chayon-Ryu)
2nd Dan    Dave Bayles (World HQ)
2nd Dan    Brian A. Moye (World HQ)
1st Dan     Alan Bryson (World HQ)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

280th Rank Examination

On Saturday, August 2nd, the 280th Rank examination was held at the Chayon-Ryu world Headquarters. Students came from Baytown, Kingwood, Rosenberg, and as far away as North Carolina to test for rank.
Mr. Peeler, from the North Carolina program took his masters test. Congratulations to all the testing students!

Photography by Kenneth Young, Cheryl Lauersdorf, Sydney Moen and Melissa L. Nichols