Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Outdoor Training In The Park

Twice each year, Master Sean Kim, the chief instructor for the Chayon-Ryu World Headquarters branch school teaches an outdoor training class in Houston's Memorial Park. This is a great way to mix training and fun! 

Training outdoors is a unique experience, and it is also a lot of fun. Students from all branch schools are invited and encouraged to participate in this Chayon-Ryu tradition.

Students are invited to train, and bring a picnic lunch, and enjoy the beginning of spring, and the beauty of the park. It's a great time, and a good chance to meet new people, and make new friends. Held in March and November, in spring and fall, this is a Chayon-Ryu tradition that is fun for the whole family! You can even bring the dog (if he is on a leash!).

Photos from March Tuksu Suryon Class

Master Sean Kim, 8th Dan
 Grandmaster Kim Soo, Master Sean Kim, and the masters and instructor level students of Chayon-Ryu trained at the world headquarters for the bi monthly Tuksu Suryon, instructor clinic.

Grandmaster's mission is to create martial arts instructors, who will carry on the legacy of the Chayon-Ryu tradition and teachings.
Group photo from second session - Black and Brown Belt level- (Grandmaster Kim Soo seated, center)
Grandmaster requires all instructor level students to attend teaching clinics four times per year to maintain the integrity of the system, to teach refinements, and keep the high standards of Chayon-Ryu current with all instructors, and those who will take on the mantle of instructor.

Black Belts perform Bong (Long Staff) forms

Jang Bong (Long Staff)

group photo first session- blue, purple, brown, black belt level

Jang Bong Sul practice

photo credit: Kenneth Young, Sabeomnim, Kingwood, Chayon-Ryu

TUSKSU SURYON for Grandmaster Yoon Byung In to be presented by Grandmaster Kim Soo May 19th, 2013

Grandmaster Kim Soo invites all instructor level Chayon-Ryu students to attend this special Tuksu Suryon, in honor of Grandmaster Yoon Byung-In. 
 Grandmaster Yoon Byung-In was the first Korean national to bring the martial art of chu'an fa (commonly called kung fu in the U.S.) back to Korea after studying in Manchuria and Shanghai, China.

During World War II, he went to Nihon University, Tokyo, where he studied karate with Toyama, Kanken.1

The YMCA Kwon Beop Bu was established by Master Yoon Byung-in in Seoul,Korea in 1946. The unique aspect of the Jung Ang YMCA Kwon Beop Bu was the combination of a Shudokan karate and Chinese Chuan-fa curriculum. It is from Grandmaster Yoon, that we inherit our Chu'an Fa and Karate line.2

Grandmaster Yoon suffered a severe injury to his right hand. One winter while huddling around a neighborhood fire for warmth, he was shoved forward into the fire. He stopped his body from getting burned at the expense of his right hand being immersed in the hot coals. Unfortunately, there were no doctors in the area to help and he ended up losing ½ of the length of his fingers. To hide his injury, Master Yoon always wore white gloves in public and while instructing classes. Later, his students would wear white gloves during training to show respect for him.

All Chayon-Ryu students should wear white gloves to honor the memory of Grandmaster Yoon, and his legacy which is preserved for all time in Chayon-Ryu and in each of us, who carry on the teachings.

Please bring a flower to commemorate this memorial service training in GM Yoon's honor.

Sunday, May 19th, 2013
10am - 1pm
Blue & Purple Belts- $15 (1st session 10am - 11:30)
Brown & Black Belts- $20 (10am - 1pm)


1-Intro to Grandmaster Yoon, Byung-In

By: Grandmaster Kim Pyung-soo (as told to Robert McLain)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


 Grandmaster Kim Soo shares his correspondence from students whose lives have been touched by Chayon-Ryu
To: Grand Master Kim Soo-
I have learned so much from you Grand Master Kim Soo as my Marshal Arts teacher. 
Grandmaster Kim Soo
From your over 60 years of knowledge of Martial Arts you have made a positive impact on my life and have taught me things and skills that I will carry with me the rest of my life.
So, when I was so honored to be asked to speak at a meeting about Alcohol and Drug Addiction in hopes of sharing some strength and hope that you never have to live like that again I accepted!
The speech was to last for an hour and I just wanted to tell you how I closed my speech. 
I said, “ I want to share this with ya’ll not to make you think I'm special, cause I'm not, but I am involved in Martial Arts” ( Chayon-Ryu ). “I was taught by Grand Master Kim Soo that the best defense against any kind of attack is to simply to Avoid and then react with something Positive.” 
For example, if your around negative people then avoid them, not in a rude or mean way, but you can replace them with positive people. Also, don't go anywhere were it might jeopardize your sobriety, simply avoid. Another thing to Avoid is negative and crazy thinking.
Martial Arts has taught me to be calm, patience, and to have an open mind to listen, learn, and most of all to Avoid.
Thank you, Grand Master Kim Soo. 
Jerry Bick