Friday, September 5, 2014

UH Downtown Self Defense Seminar

The UHD PE department has been offering a free self defense workshop each semester, and in the Spring & Fall of 2014 they asked Mr. Robert Henriksen to put it on. 
In the spring, they scheduled it in the middle of the semester; there were about 30 participants, and it was very well received.
Mr. Henriksen asked the program coordinator to schedule the fall event early in the semester, *prior* to the start of the karate class, so that we can hopefully increase enrollment in the karate class. I'm hopeful that we'll achieve that goal.
"I spent about 20 minutes discussing self defense principals:
awareness of your surroundings,
leaving your cell phone in your pocket,
avoiding as much as you can,
ways to avoid looking like a good victim, etc.
Then had everyone get up and follow along with natural body movements and some basic self defense techniques." - Mr. Robert Henriksen