Friday, June 28, 2013


 Grandmaster Kim Soo shares his correspondence from students

Dear Grandmaster Kim,

Thank you again for the class yesterday and for sharing a meal with me.

I will be working on the Ho Hub Hyung article as we discussed and will be in touch shortly if I have any additional questions.

I also wanted to express appreciation to you for dedicating your life to teaching. You have inspired tens of thousands of people to live stronger, more courageous lives. And that is HUGE Grandmaster Kim. There are tens of thousands of humans all over the world who are living better lives because of what they learned from you and from Chayon Ryu. Chayon Ryu principles help people not only to live better lives, but also to be better parents, friends and leaders in every capacity.

Myself included. I have studied Chayon Ryu since 1989, and as a result I am a more balanced, patient, kinder and stronger person. Every day I remember to live the way of truth and seek perfection of character. Every day, I remember to aspire for balance and control. Every day, I think about my turns, my breathing, and how I effect those I come into contact with. These and many other Chayon Ryu principles are now well-integrated in my character, and this is because of you and your influence.

I know teachers rarely get the credit they deserve. In many ways teaching is an under appreciated role in life. Yet in my opinion, it is one of the most important roles. Teachers may never fully know the extent of their influence, and how many people they have indirectly touched. Though I am confident in my belief that you have had a profound and positive influence on many, many more than you will ever know.

Thank you for giving your life to teaching and to improving the lives of others. I’m sure there were many times that you could have chosen a more selfish path and followed money and power like so many do. Though in my experience, fulfillment and meaning comes to those that are of service.

You are of great service Grandmaster Kim and I hope you feel as deeply fulfilled as you have earned the right to feel. I deeply respect you Grandmaster Kim, and I know that many, many others do as well. You are one of the most important role-models in my life.

I wish you peace and contentment, and look forward to many more years of learning from you.

Best regards and until soon,
Brian Hammer, Sabeomnim 4th Dan

Monday, June 3, 2013


The Annual Chayon-Ryu Beach Training has been announced:  
On Saturday, July 13th, we will have our annual beach training at Master John Stephen's beach house on Galveston Island.  It is a great event for everyone to attend, from white belt up!  Bring your family and make a day of it.  Training begins at 10:00 AM. 

  •  Wear your uniform and bring sunscreen and some shoes to train in on the beach.  

  • You'll also want to bring some clothes to change into after training and something to drink.   

273rd Rank Exam held at World Headquarters

273rd Rank Exam

On Saturday, June 1st, 2013, the 273rd Rank Examination was held at the Chayon-Ryu world headquarters in Spring Branch.  Students from HQ, and all surrounding branch schools came to test for rank promotion.

photography by Kenneth Young, Kingwood Chayon-Ryu

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Certificates and Licenses-an address from Grandmaster Kim Soo

Certificates and Licenses-An address from Grandmaster Kim Soo
submitted by David Bayles

Dear Chayon Ryu Students,
In order to get a driver license you have to pass a written and driving test and you will be issued a license. To get a college degree, a PhD, become a lawyer, a teacher, a doctor or any other number of professions, you have to be smart, study hard, attend classes for many years and take many tests. Provided that you pass your tests and prove that you know the requirements of your chosen profession, you will be presented with your diploma.
Earning a Chayon Ryu Rank Certificate or obtaining an Instructors License is the same -- with exceptions. Unlike Chayon Ryu’s teachers and other credible martial arts teachers, educational institutions, the Department of Motor Vehicles and other teaching entities do not discriminate based on character. You could be crazy, a murderer, a thief, a liar, a highly unethical person of poor character and still receive your driver license and your diploma.

Serial Killer Ted Bundy.
Serial killer Ted Bundy had a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Bernie Madoff was a highly intelligent, degreed businessman who pulled off the largest financial fraud in U.S. history.

A high level Rank Certificate or Instructors License must be earned from a reputable teacher. The student must not only know the requirements of their rank and physically be able to perform the techniques, but must also have the proper attitude, patience and be mentally ready to take on the responsibility of their rank.
Over the years that you train with your instructors, trust will be earned. They will determine if you are an ethical, sound, sincere person of good character.

They will also know when you are ready to learn new material and advance to a higher rank. Only then will you advance and receive your Certificates. To impatiently press to move forward is disrespectful and demonstrates a poor attitude.

This method of teaching and promotion is used by legitimate, credible, reputable, martial arts teachers. Unfortunately, now, there are many schools who rapidly promote students simply because they can physically perform the requirements of their rank even though they are not mentally, ethically or spiritually ready. This is a great disservice to the student for the monetary gain and false prestige of the school.

Some Certificates are issued simply by filling out a request form and paying a fee! Anyone can obtain these false Certificates which are often issued by someone with no martial arts experience, and no questions asked like “Who is your Teacher?” or “Where have you trained?” Anyone with any credibility will at least ask these questions.

In your daily life, train, have an open mind, be humble, practice patience, practice Bo Shi, be sincere and truthful and you will be on your way to developing the character and mindfulness to truly advance in Martial Arts.

Best Regards,

Grandmaster Kim Soo
Founder Chayon Ryu International Martial Arts Association
June 1, 2013