Monday, October 27, 2014


Outdoor Training at Memorial Park
It is a great event for everyone to attend, from white belt up!  Bring your family and make a day of it.  

Training begins at 10:00 AM.  Wear your uniform and bring sunscreen and some shoes to train in on the grass.

You'll also want to bring some chairs or blankets to sit on after training and something to drink.

Don't miss out on this fun outdoor event!  

Class is taught by Spring Branch chief instructor Master Sean Kim.  For Map and information visit the KIM SOO KARATE website.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Group Training and Motivational Seminar November 8th

Grandmaster Kim Soo presents a training and motivational seminar on Saturday November 8th for all Chayon-Ryu Students (probably most appropriate for junior high and older), and the public.  Students wear your dobok! Tell your friends to come!  They can come in loose fitting clothes, warm up and learn Natural Way movements with us (or just sit on the side or in the back) and stay for the demo and seminar.

The Motivation Seminar will start at 10a.m. and go till noon. 
The 1st session there will be warming up exercise along with stretching, Natural way movements, gun and walking stick self defense demo by system founder Grandmaster Kim Soo.

The 2nd session will start at 11a.m. Students should wear doboks and visitors can wear loose fitting clothes for exercise. Participants should be at school 20 minutes before the start of the first session.  One of Chayon-Ryu's most successful masters of the system will be participating and imparting his method of applying Chayon-Ryu principles to life outside the dojang in various and sundry ways that lead down the path of success.

Master Don Martin – 6th Dan

Master Martin began training with Grand Master Kim Soo in the mid 70’s in Houston and reached his first dan black belt in the early 80’s. His dream was to open up a branch school somewhere in the US. He and Master Charlotte Hwang decided on Tucson as their base.

After setting up classes at remote locations, he returned to his primary work and taught classes in the evenings. His training commitments included demonstrations, tournaments and leading training retreats.

He was promoted to 6th Dan (Master level) in 2010 and still occasionally travels with Grand Master Kim Soo to visit dojangs in other countries.

Master Martin will be giving an hour long presentation on two topics: "The Training Hall Oath Revisited", and "Kim Soo Karate and Business." with a Q & A to follow and general discussion. You do not want to miss this event!

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