Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Good Medicine: CHAYON-RYU

A letter to Grandmaster from
Alberto Borjas
Dear Grandmaster,

First I would like to say thank you for allowing me be part of your Sunday invitational class. It is a privilege to receive direct instruction from you, and I highly value it.

Grandmaster Kim Soo Awards Alberto Borjas
his third degree black belt
I came to you almost four years ago with all sort of physical problems: back pain, high blood pressure and digestion problems. 
I just got the results of a recent physical check up and everything is fine: my blood pressure is normal (Doctor reduced the doses of my medication and now I’m taking a minimal doses). 
My digestion is fine now, I have gained almost 10 pounds and recovered  muscle mass. The other day a friend of mine asked me about my back and I was like: "My back?…It’s fine"; I almost forgot that I had such a serious back problem that, four years ago, the Doctor suggested I have surgery. 
In addition to that I now have more energy and I always looking forward to my training.

Thank you Sir for sharing the good medicine: Chayon Ryu.

Best Regards,

Alberto Borjas

Houston Mayor Declares Grandmaster Kim Soo Day

Houston Mayor Declares Grandmaster Kim Soo Day
October 13th, 2016-Houston, TX, USA
by Kyosanim Melissa L. Nichols

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner issued a proclamation declaring Grandmaster Kim Soo Day in the City of Houston; an honor bestowed on Grandmaster Kim Soo by every sitting Mayor for the past several decades. Grandmaster receives this honor for his status in the Korean business community, and his model citizenship in the city of Houston, being a role model and mentor to thousands of Houstonians since he arrived in 1968. Grandmaster Kim Soo celebrates 48 years of teaching Chayon-Ryu in Houston, and around the world.

Grandmaster Kim Soo issues honorary Black Belt to Mayor Turner.

Grandmaster was accompanied to City Hall by Master Sean Kim and the black belts and Masters of Chayon-Ryu.


Thursday, September 22, 2016



Are you ready for some serious training and teaching instruction? 

Train with Houston HQ in real time via LiveStream. 

We will be streaming Tuksu Suryon live 9/24/16 beginning at 10:00 AM Central Time. It’s as easy as going to and logging in to our account to watch the class and train along with us. 

Some locations have connected an external monitor and speakers (recommended) to their computer to optimize viewing and sound. 

The cost is $15.00 per individual, $45.00 for three or more payable via PayPal to 

Grandmaster is currently in Korea but will be back for this event. He should have some good information and stories to tell from his trip.


It is not for public viewing.

Please send your name, school location, student ID if applicable along with your PayPal receipt to and you will be provided the log in information. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or if we can be of assistance.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Angel Ochoa Appointed Chief Instructor-Rice University Karat Club

Master Sean Kim, Sabeomnim Angel Ochoa, and Grandmaster Kim Soo
Angel Ochoa Appointed Chief Instructor of Rice University Karate Club
Houston, TX, USA

4th Degree Black Belt, Angel Ochoa was given his chief 
instructor citation by Grandmaster Kim Soo to head up the Rice University Chayon-Ryu club, which Grandmaster Kim Soo established in 1968. Rice Karate Club is the oldest University Martial arts club run by one system in the world. 

1968 Rice Karate Club Group Photo.

Mr. Ochoa is a dedicated and hardworking member of the Chayon-Ryu System. His siblings and he have been training for many years together under the direction of Grandmaster Kim Soo, and now Mr. Ochoa will be head instructor at the Rice club, Inside Chayon-Ryu congratulates you!

Chayon-Ryu Black Belt Promotions, Spring and Summer 2016

291st rank exam group photo
Black Belt Promotions

Congratulations to all the Black Belts who were promoted at the February, April, June and August promotional contests, held at the International Chayon-Ryu World Headquarters in Houston, TX.
Paula Wedegartner receives 2nd Dan certificate from
Grandmaster Kim Soo
292nd rank exam group photo

Test & Date
PromotedName & School
292nd Aug 20163rd DanTom Schamp (Arlington Chayon-Ryu)
291st Jun 20163rd DanJarrod Lanning (North Carolina Chayon-Ryu)
 3rd DanScott Perry (Rosenberg Chayon-Ryu)
 2nd DanJarod Pitcher (Wimberley Chayon-Ryu)
 1st DanDevin N. Mendez (Rosenberg Chayon-Ryu)
 1st DanChase Moye (World HQ)
 1st DanJacob Harrison (North Carolina Chayon-Ryu)
290th Apr 20162nd DanAhnan Naseem (Kingwood)
289th Feb 20162nd DanKasowski, Keith (Downtown)
 2nd DanPaula Wedegartner (Rosenberg Chayon-Ryu)

Hong Sangyong, Korea Taekwondo Times and executives of Korea Taekwondo Promotion Foundation visit Int. Chayon-Ryu

A Visit from Korea TKD Times and Korea TKDPF 

Korea Taekwondo Times Magazine Execs, and Korea Taekwondo Promotion Foundation pay a call on Grandmaster Kim Soo at the Chayon-Ryu International Headquarters in Houston, TX on July 20th, 2016.

Grandmaster was interviewed by the gentleman who sought his vast knowledge of martial arts fundamental principles, and history. Grandmaster held a class to be observed by the guests, gave special demonstrations, and was presented with a commemorative dish. 
Demonstration of martial arts basic principles.

Group photo of Grandmaster, students and Guests.
Grandmaster and Master Sean Kim Demonstrate "Jang Kwon" two man Chu'an Fa form, which is a legacy of Chayon-Ryu.

Grandmaster is presented with a commemorative dish.

The commemorative dish from the Taekwondo Promotion Federation of Korea

RIP Kyosanim "Tony" Zarate, Police Officer and Chayon-Ryu Black Belt

RIP Kyosanim "Tony" Zarate, Police Officer and Chayon-Ryu Black Belt  posted by Kyosanim, M. Nichols, Houston, TX, USA

It is with great sadness that we report the loss of Officer Marco Anthony "Tony" Zarate, a black belt member of Chayon-Ryu and Bellaire Police Officer.

Mr. Zarate was killed in the line of duty while in pursuit of robbery suspects July 13th.
Tony was an outstanding police officer, a seven year veteran of the Bellaire police department; family man, and devoted black belt in our system.He leaves behind his lovely wife and three beautiful daughters. All of Chayon-Ryu mourns his passing.

Condolence cards can be signed at the World Headquarters, and a fund was collected from members to help his family in their time of grief.

Grandmaster Kim Soo dedicated the annual beach training to his memory, July 16th, 2016.

Grandmaster Kim Soo and other Chayon-Ryu Members
attended his memorial service.
Funeral escort for Officer Marco Zarate

Monday, April 4, 2016

Chayon-Ryu Mourns The Passing of Grandmaster Park, Chull-Hee

Grandmaster Park with Grandmaster Kim Soo in Korea, 2012

RIP GRANDMASTER PARK, CHULL-HEE  by Kyosanim, Melissa L. Nichols

Grandmaster Kim Soo and the members of Chayon-Ryu International mourn the passing of  Grandmaster Park, Chull-Hee (1932 - 4 April 2016).
Grandmaster Park was one of the two co- founders, along with Grandmaster Hong Jong Pyo (who passed in 2011) of the Kang Duk Kwan, one of the original Nine Kwans of taekwondo.

Grandmaster Hong and Grandmaster Park were students at Chang Moo Kwan,  and in 1956 they opened their own school - the Kang Duk Kwan.
Grandmaster Kim Soo and his Invitational Class pose to honor
Grandmaster Park's memory.
Houston Texas, 1979
Grandmaster Chull-hee Park and (then)
 Master Kim Soo at the Spring Branch DoJang.

Grandmaster Kim Soo studied under and along side Grandmaster Park, and has revered him as an honored teacher from his early days in martial arts.

When news of Grandmaster Park's passing reached Grandmaster, he and the Chayon-Ryu members arranged memorial ceremonies to remember the senior teacher's passing.

Grandmaster Kim Soo, Black Belts, and students remember Grandmaster Park at the 290th Chayon-Ryu Rank Exam.
Grandmaster Kim Soo's Sunday Invitational Class 

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Etiquette and Protocol in Chayon-Ryu


Etiquette of the Dojang in Chayon-Ryu

Chayon-Ryu is a traditional Martial Art System. Unlike other systems that focus on sport competition, Chayon-Ryu strives to preserve traditions.

Dojang Traditions: Bowing

Bowing in Asian cultures is a form of greeting just like shaking hands in Western cultures. In the Dojang bowing is also a form of showing respect to senior students and instructors. Beginner students should practice it until it becomes an unconscious habit.

Standing bow

The most common form of bowing in the Dojang is the standing bow.
The standing bow is performed from attention stance (Charyot).
Body is inclined 45 degrees at the hips.
Eyes look forward.
Hands are placed at the sides of the body.
The standing bow is performed about six feet away from the person you are bowing to.

Sitting Bow

Another form of bowing is the sitting bow. Traditionally, this bow is used to show utmost respect to the other person.
The sitting bow is performed from a kneeling position, coming to your knees at attention stance; the hands are placed on the mat in front of the knees. The forehead touches slightly to the mat, keeping this position for a few seconds.
The standing bow is always done in class, while the sitting bow is more formal and is only performed on special occasions.

Lower ranked students initiate the bow, while higher ranked students and instructors will release the bow. In case of a very senior ranking master, or Grandmaster Kim Soo, you should always hold the bow position a little longer than the person to whom you are bowing.  In all instances, you should show sincerity. Bow properly. Don’t walk and bow, or simply nod your head, as this is considered rude.

Students should always give their undivided
attention to instructors and masters.
When listening to the instructor who is addressing class, students should be at attention. Sometimes a more relaxed parade stance is acceptable, with arms crossed behind and feet shoulder width apart; the command to relax is “Shio.”  

Sometimes students will be seated during speeches but only after they are directed to do so. Always the students should give undivided attention to instructors or masters when they are addressing the class.

Chayon-Ryu students are expected to show proper etiquette in the Dojang and it should always be reinforced by the instructors.