Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Little Planets by Sydney Moen
If you missed the annual beach training this past weekend for all branch schools down on beautiful Galveston Island, then you really missed out on a great event! All branch school instructors should put this event on their permanent to do calendar!

Pirate's Beach on beautiful Galveston Island is the location for this annual event, hosted by Master John Stephens and the Yudanja Whey. A training on the sand and in the surf, followed by a wonderful grilled burger and hot dog lunch provided for all attendees.

Afterwards the beach was enjoyed by many, as well as fishing and socializing and an all around great time!

Grandmaster Kim Soo fishing with Dave Bayles and Chayon-Ryu friends

Grandmaster Kim Soo with  Chief instructor of Kim Soo Baytown with Baytown Students

Father and Son Black Belts

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Group Photo

Burgers and Dogs on the grill

Masters John Stephens and Nelson with Kenneth Hong Gil-Dong Kirsner