Monday, April 4, 2016

Chayon-Ryu Mourns The Passing of Grandmaster Park, Chull-Hee

Grandmaster Park with Grandmaster Kim Soo in Korea, 2012

RIP GRANDMASTER PARK, CHULL-HEE  by Kyosanim, Melissa L. Nichols

Grandmaster Kim Soo and the members of Chayon-Ryu International mourn the passing of  Grandmaster Park, Chull-Hee (1932 - 4 April 2016).
Grandmaster Park was one of the two co- founders, along with Grandmaster Hong Jong Pyo (who passed in 2011) of the Kang Duk Kwan, one of the original Nine Kwans of taekwondo.

Grandmaster Hong and Grandmaster Park were students at Chang Moo Kwan,  and in 1956 they opened their own school - the Kang Duk Kwan.
Grandmaster Kim Soo and his Invitational Class pose to honor
Grandmaster Park's memory.
Houston Texas, 1979
Grandmaster Chull-hee Park and (then)
 Master Kim Soo at the Spring Branch DoJang.

Grandmaster Kim Soo studied under and along side Grandmaster Park, and has revered him as an honored teacher from his early days in martial arts.

When news of Grandmaster Park's passing reached Grandmaster, he and the Chayon-Ryu members arranged memorial ceremonies to remember the senior teacher's passing.

Grandmaster Kim Soo, Black Belts, and students remember Grandmaster Park at the 290th Chayon-Ryu Rank Exam.
Grandmaster Kim Soo's Sunday Invitational Class 

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