Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Good Medicine: CHAYON-RYU

A letter to Grandmaster from
Alberto Borjas
Dear Grandmaster,

First I would like to say thank you for allowing me be part of your Sunday invitational class. It is a privilege to receive direct instruction from you, and I highly value it.

Grandmaster Kim Soo Awards Alberto Borjas
his third degree black belt
I came to you almost four years ago with all sort of physical problems: back pain, high blood pressure and digestion problems. 
I just got the results of a recent physical check up and everything is fine: my blood pressure is normal (Doctor reduced the doses of my medication and now I’m taking a minimal doses). 
My digestion is fine now, I have gained almost 10 pounds and recovered  muscle mass. The other day a friend of mine asked me about my back and I was like: "My back?…It’s fine"; I almost forgot that I had such a serious back problem that, four years ago, the Doctor suggested I have surgery. 
In addition to that I now have more energy and I always looking forward to my training.

Thank you Sir for sharing the good medicine: Chayon Ryu.

Best Regards,

Alberto Borjas

Houston Mayor Declares Grandmaster Kim Soo Day

Houston Mayor Declares Grandmaster Kim Soo Day
October 13th, 2016-Houston, TX, USA
by Kyosanim Melissa L. Nichols

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner issued a proclamation declaring Grandmaster Kim Soo Day in the City of Houston; an honor bestowed on Grandmaster Kim Soo by every sitting Mayor for the past several decades. Grandmaster receives this honor for his status in the Korean business community, and his model citizenship in the city of Houston, being a role model and mentor to thousands of Houstonians since he arrived in 1968. Grandmaster Kim Soo celebrates 48 years of teaching Chayon-Ryu in Houston, and around the world.

Grandmaster Kim Soo issues honorary Black Belt to Mayor Turner.

Grandmaster was accompanied to City Hall by Master Sean Kim and the black belts and Masters of Chayon-Ryu.