Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Eighth Annual Women's Self Defense Seminar

Grandmaster Kim Soo demonstrates techniques
with Mr. Robert Henricksen
On Saturday, May 18th, the eighth annual Women's Self Defense Seminar and Workshop was hosted by Grandmaster Kim Soo and the black belts and students of Chayon-Ryu.

Brought to the greater Houston community by Asia-Houston Network and Kim Soo Karate, Inc., the seminar provides self-defense awareness training and workshops for girls and women of all ages.

The seminar covered natural body movements, blocking, striking and kicking techniques, avoiding techniques, and escapes and take downs.

8th degree black belt, Master Kim Geary demonstrates escapes and defense

Asia Houston host for the seminar, Kyosanim Gigi Lee addresses the attendees

Grandmaster demonstrates while teaching a technique

Grandmaster and attendee exchange bow of courtesy

the black belt instructors are introduced

attendees practice front choke self defense and escape


Master Geary demonstrates a simple technique to repel and attacker

Natural Way body motion warm ups

Mr. Angel Ochoa demonstrates a Karate form

instructors and attendees group photo

Introduction by Grandmaster Kim Soo

Master Sean Kim, 8th degree black belt, demonstrates take down

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