Thursday, May 30, 2013


 Austin, TX- May 24, 2013

Grandmaster Kim Soo was recognized for the 45th anniversary of his arrival in Houston and for founding Chayon-Ryu martial art system.  He was honored for his outstanding accomplishments and many contributions to our community.

The resolution was sponsored by Senator John Whitmire, the Dean of the Texas Senate and the longest-serving senator in Texas.  His district includes Spring Branch where the Chayon-Ryu headquarters is located. 

Grandmaster Kim Soo on the Senate Floor

Grandmaster Kim Soo left his home in Seoul, Korea 45 years ago to come to Texas and found martial arts schools, and educate martial arts instructors in the United States.

His system, Chayon-Ryu, which means, "natural way," is a system of martial arts developed to sustain its practitioner from the inside, uses natural movements and abilities to allow freedom-flow of techniques and balanced routines.

Its philosophy of non-violence enables the individual to practice daily without the need for mere speed, power, and the lure of competition. Over the past 45 years, he's promoted over 600 black belts and taught over 70,000 students.  His contributions to martial arts in Texas and world wide have been significant, and have touched the lives of so many.

Grandmaster Kim Soo with Senator John Whitmire
Congratulations to Grandmaster Kim Soo!

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