Monday, November 28, 2011

Schedule a private lesson with GRANDMASTER KIM SOO

You can train with system founder and martial arts Grandmaster Kim Soo in private lessons at the Chayon-Ryu World Headquarters Dojang in Houston, TX.

Lessons are available on these dates:
12/26/11 to 1/15/12

Cost is $80 for a full one hour session.
Available to all Chayon-Ryu Students. 

For more information, or to schedule your private session contact GRANDMASTER KIM SOO

Monday, November 14, 2011


Chayon-Ryu a healing art:

The letter below, published with permission by its author is one example of the healing properties of the Chayon-Ryu method. Chayon-Ryu brings balance and harmony to the lives of its students, and helps them to navigate life with the proper tools of character, integrity and self confidence.

 I have written articles on my own personal experiences on self healting through Chayon-Ryu training, and now I'd like to share those of another student.

Neal R. Conrey and his grandson study at the Corpus Christi Chayon-Ryu School under the guidance of Sabomnim Black Belt Instructor Gerald Tashnek. Recently Neal sent this letter to Grandmaster Kim Soo, and Grandmaster contacted me and asked me to publish it here as an inspirational letter to all students and prospective students of Chayon-Ryu.

Respected Father,

Please allow the heartfelt sentiments of this old man to attempt to convey how grateful I am to you, your organization and our Sabomnim Gerald Tashnek. My grandson, Austin, has come through very troubled times in his young life. After enduring drug abuse and criminal conduct from his parents he has come to live with his Grandmother and myself. His pain and trauma is evident in how he sees himself and the world that has shown him less than love and security. It breaks my heart to see him recoil as he tries to function in a life that has stripped him of his dignity and sense of value.

Though we have attended only a few instructions, this little seven-year old boy is changing right before me! His downcast eyes now rise to meet mine and hold their gaze with growing confidence. He recites his Sabomnim's words with clarity and understanding. His stature and general presence is increasing daily. It's as if I am witnessing the butterfly free itself from its old form and rise, with your help, to spread his wings and take flight.

With tears of gratitude, I am faithfully yours,

Neal R. Conrey
Corpu Christi, TX.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Hoshinsul: the art of self-defense

Self-Defense of the mind..

"Hoshinsul (the art of self-defense) is first taking good care of yourself." - Grandmaster Kim Soo
Hoshinsul: the art of self-defense is first taking care of your own personal health. This is physical health and wellness,
mental and emotional well-being, and the health of your spirit.  All of these things go into makeup the being we
identify as the "self."
Externally self-defense is utilized to protect us physically from all kinds of hazards and pitfalls. Not just physical attack from assault, or violent intentions, but other things we encounter in everyday life such as accidents, slipping or falling,
avoiding being cut by a knife or scissors, pricking ourselves with sharp objects such as needles. We employ the principles of self-defense to guard against all things such as these.
Interally, the application of self-defense is just as important. And we are under assault internally in our lives far more than
we will ever be externally (unless your occupation is that of high risk). What enemies assault us internally?
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • insecurity
  • self doubt
  • low confidence
  • low self esteem or self worth
On that note, these things are vital to personal mental/physical/spiritual wellness:
Stress management- deep breathing (Bokshik Hoheub), meditation (sitting, standing and forms practice)
Positive mental attitude- employ the qualities of the bamboo (honesty, humility, loyalty, sincerity, purity)

Proper diet and exercise- Kimasae Chiruki 100 times daily, regular practice, and work out.  At least 15 minutes a day can make a difference!

Sleeping enough- rest the body and the mind. Sleep deprivation adds to anxiety, and causes physical illnesses.
Drink at least 64 oz. of water everyday- dehydration can lead to many illnesses.
Avoid situations that put you at any kind of risk, whether mental, physical, or emotional.- Any encounter with an attack,
whether physical, mental or emotional, can take its toll. Avoid these situations when possible. The first rule of self defense.
Recently I've had a lot of stress in my personal and professional life, caused by negative encounters bullies on the internet who follow me around and harass me, and my business.  why do people do these kind of things? Many reasons, most of which have to do with feelings of jealousy, envy, greed, huberous. Our society has become unkind, and the internet is like the wild west, where people brawl in the streets and bullies run amok. This has created a lot of stress for me and my family, but I have been able to cope utilizing the Chayon-Ryu method of Hoshinsul.
Chayon-Ryu helps me to keep sight of my own behavior as well. Do I exercise humility? Am I a good person? It encourages self examination, and introspection. And it teaches us not to let encounters with negative individuals to cause
us to become negative.
Chayon-Ryu is for every day of your life, not just in the dojang. Sometimes we cannot go to class, but the lessons we learn
can help us every day, no matter what we face in life. This is why Chayon-Ryu is different from other martial art philosophies and methods. It is training for a lifetime.