Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Experience in CHAYON-RYU

My Experience in CHAYON-RYU

 Dear Grandmaster ,

I would like to share my experience with all Chayon Ryu students.

My name is Alberto Borjas.   I’ve been training at the Chayon –Ryu  Headquarters for about a year now and I’d like to share my experience with all CYR students.
I think it’s necessary introduce myself first.  I’ve been a  Martial Arts student for over 30 years.  I hold Black Belts in Karate and Taekwondo and I’ve trained in several other Martial Arts (including Gracie Jiu Jitsu for almost 10 years). 

 After I came to the US (I’m originally from Cuba)  I started training and teaching Martial Arts but I never found  the right school or instructor.  As I aged ( I am 58 years old this summer)  I started to have all sort of spine and joints problems .  I came  to the point where I was about to quit training then I decided to call Grandmaster Kim Soo and I’ve been training  Chayon Ryu since then, about a year ago.

I can tell you now I found in Chayon-Ryu everything I was looking for from the Martial Arts.In my opinion Chayon-Ryu is a Martial Art system  like no other.  You will not find another System that provides so much to the student: Historical Background, Theory and Philosophy of traditional Martial Arts, Classical forms coupled with Practical Self Defense tactics and a modern approach to training that allowed the practitioners enjoy the benefits of the Martial Arts their entire lives.   

 In addition Chayon Ryu has helped me to heal my body almost 100 % ;I believe Chayon Ryu is also a healing Art.
After many years searching I don’t need to look further.   I found everything I was looking for and all under one roof: Chayon-Ryu. I feel deeply grateful to Chong Ya Nim and all Masters, Black Belts and  students for allowing me to be part of the Chayon Ryu family.

Alberto Borjas