Sunday, April 29, 2012

Grandmaster Kim Soo Audio CD- A WAY OF LIFE

Now available in the Chayon-Ryu World Headquarters book store, this 1998 radio interview with Grandmaster Kim Soo covers his life, and the founding of Chayon-Ryu.

A great learning suppliment for all students of all ranks, and all instructors who wish to enrich the Chayon-Ryu training experience with the historical journey of our system.

This Digital Compact Disc includes Grandmaster Kim Soo's biographical account of his journey to become the founder of our system in his own words.

A must have item for the serious Chayon-Ryu practioner!
The Tracks Include:
  • Early life
  • Martial arts training begins
  • Youngest Korean Black Belt
  • Early career as martial arts instructor
  • Coming to America
  • Establishing of Schools
  • The founding of a system
  • The rich historical lineage of Chayon-Ryu
  • Gathering martial arts knowledge
  • Unifying styles and sythesisizing the system
  • Chayon-Ryu Principles
  • A way of life (featuring the masters of chayon-ryu giving their own stories)
  • Beyond the Style- the benefits of Chayon-Ryu
Available on CD now!

Friday, April 20, 2012


Tuksu Suryon is a quarterly advanced training class given by Grandmaster Kim Soo to the instructor level colored belts and black belts of the Chayon-Ryu Martial Arts system. It is a continuing education program unique to Chayon-Ryu, and is required for ranks from blue belt on for advancement and continued education in the teaching method of Chayon-Ryu.  Instructors in the Chayon-Ryu system are trained regularly in teaching and student/teacher relations by system founder Grandmaster Kim Soo. Grandmaster Kim Soo has over 50 years of teaching experience and has personally taught over 70,000 students world wide.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tuksu Suryon is coming up!

To all Chayon-Ryu instructor level belts: there will be a Tuksu Suryon class on Saturday May 19th at the Chayon-Ryu world headquarters dojang in Spring Branch, TX.  Classes are for blue belt - black belt.

Please wear your white gloves in honor of Grandmaster Yoon, Byung-In.  For more information, visit the website.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The White Glove Tradition of Chayon-Ryu

by Melissa L. Nichols, Kyosanim, 1st Dan

If you've ever seen Chayon-Ryu black belts wearing white gloves at rank tests, in photos, or videos and are curious as to why they wear them, this is the story of the white glove tradition of Chayon-Ryu.  It all goes back to our senior Grandmaster, a man named Yoon, Byung-In

Grandmaster Yoon Byung-In was the first Korean national to bring the martial art of chu'an fa (commonly called kung fu in the U.S.) back to Korea after studying in Manchuria and Shanghai, China. During World War II, he went to Nihon University, Tokyo, where he studied karate with Toyama, Kanken.  Grandmaster Yoon began teaching these two combined arts in Korea, and this became the foundation and heart of the Chayon-Ryu system. 

Grandmaster Kim Soo wears white gloves to honor
the late Grandmaster Yoon, Byung-In.
When he was young, Grandmaster Yoon was injured when we slipped and fell into a fire, losing two fingers from his hand. He wore white gloves to mask the injury so as not to draw attention to himself, and thus avoid riddicule, or limitations.

During his time as a teacher of the martial arts, students would learn by immitating the movements of the teacher, and out of respect for their teacher, direct students of Grandmaster Yoon began the tradition of wearing white gloves while training. 

This tradition has been passed down to the Chayon-Ryu system by our founder, Grandmaster Kim Soo.  We wear white gloves to so respect for our late senior Grandmaster Yoon.

To learn more about Grandmaster Yoon, you can read about him in an article entitled "Yoon, Byung In, Another Story" by Karen Hoffman as told by Grandmaster Kim Soo.

266th Chayon-Ryu Rank Contest

On Saturday, April 14th, the 266th Rank exam was held at the Chayon-Ryu world headquarters dojang. The exam was judged by Grandmaster Kim Soo and his staff of black belt instructors.
Grandmaster and the black belt judges pose in a group with the students from the
morning session (white and orange belt levels).
 breaking a board with a flying side kick

Grandmaster and the Black Belt judges pose with the advanced level students.

Congratulations to all the students who tested, and congratulations to the newest 1st Degree Black Belts:
Dave Bayles, Harvey Brauner and Bill Dickerson.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

World Class Martial Arts in Houston, Texas (and beyond)

Students in the Houston area can sign up to take private lessons with system founder and 10th degree black belt Grandmaster Kim Soo.  Study directly under Grandmaster Kim Soo and prepare for your next rank exam, or if you are returning alumni catch up in private lessons with Dosanim. Don't miss this oppurtunity to spend one on one time with Grandmaster Kim Soo!  To book your lesson, or find out more information, contact the school at: