Thursday, November 8, 2012

Now More Than Ever CHAYON-RYU Is Needed

we have become a society of stressed angry individuals
Now More Than Ever CHAYON-RYU Is Needed
 by Melissa L. Nichols, Kyosanim, 1st Dan

Something has happened in our society that has caused us to devolve.
We are losing our manners, our courtesy, and sense of duty and personal honor. We are angry. We attack each other on the internet, and behave like it is the wild west in public places, and on roadways.  We have lost our way. This is why I believe that now, more than ever, we need the teachings of Chayon-ryu to help us restore balance and harmony to our lives.

The training in Chayon-ryu helps us to evolve, to build character, to have integrity and respect; things that are sadly lacking in schools and public places today.  Grandmaster has shown us a better way to live and think and be. Through his system, utilizing his teachings, not just in the physical but his many writings about life and the human condition, about the finding of the self, and creating a more perfect union of the parts of self, we can rescue our drowning world.

our children are aggressive and angry individuals
What are we drowning in?  Entitlement issues, selfishness, dishonesty, disrespect, arrogance, and bullies. These things have become the norm, and that is the sign of an ailing society.

But there is a cure, and it is the natural way.  Therefore I understand Grandmaster's position that we, as black belts, have an obligation to take Chayon-ryu into the world and help others. Good begets good.
 Like Johnny Appleseed, planting the seeds for tomorrow's generation of well rounded individuals of good character and integrity.

Recently, my own personal life had gotten out of control to the point where I was miserable. Working so many long hours to complete projects that, while were very creative and challenging, do nothing for me on a personal level. I want to work doing something that will make a difference in the lives of others, and help me, by teaching Chayon-ryu.  An opertunity has presented itself and I am laying the groundwork so that this dream can become a reality, and start a Chayon-ryu program of my own, so I may help others.  And I encourage all my fellowes in Chayon-ryu who are not already engaged in such ventures, to follow suit. It is our duty.

I encourage all students to bring friends to class, and introduce Chayon-ryu into their lives. To help your friends and family to find betterment through the natural way. To preserve the traditions and teachings of the Grandmasters of our system who's life's work we enjoy.

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