Thursday, November 8, 2012

DUTY- a letter from Grandmaster Kim Soo


Duty.  The force of moral obligation.  Obligatory tasks, conduct, service or functions that arise from one’s position in life or in a group.  Conduct due to parents and superiors.  Respect.

These are just a few definitions of Duty.  In our culture today, duty is all too often forgotten, or worse, discarded by thinking “I paid for it.  I have no further obligation”.  

Sadly, some students think this way about Chayon Ryu.  They train only to get what they want and leave.  This attitude is very selfish.  Your training is worth far more than your monthly dues.  Whether you train three months or a lifetime, Chayon Ryu training is something that will always be with you, it will help you in every aspect of your life; it may save your life.  This knowledge is a priceless gift and it should be shared with others in order to better their lives.

My entire life’s work has been dedicated to learning, to developing and teaching a Martial Arts system that benefits the lives of others.  When I see someone take this gift without sharing it with others, it saddens me deeply.  It is our Duty as students, as instructors, and giving people, to share this gift with those that would receive it and better their lives.  Only this way will the system thrive and be passed on to future generations.

Train, learn, participate in events, teach.  Not only is this our Duty, but it is an Honor to do it.  The more you benefit others, the more you will benefit yourself.

Kim Soo
Grandmaster Kim Soo
Founder Chayon-Ryu International Martial Arts Association

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