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Study Martial Arts in English!
Article by Heather Gaines

FACT: Anything Chuck Norris can do, Grandmaster Kim Soo can do better…and we all know what Chuck Norris can do! He even judged Chuck Norris in a tournament in America!
*New classes just started for August 2012, so get some culture and some exercise!

If you’ve been looking for a place to study martial arts while you’re in Korea (or you’ve been wanting to try something new, or you’re interested in doing something cultural, or you want to get some exercise and eliminate some stress), look no further!
Grandmaster Kim Soo teaches martial arts in English, and he’s an amazing teacher! The class is for all levels, so whether you’ve never done any martial arts before (like me) or you already have a black belt (like my friend), you are more than welcome.

Grandmaster Kim Soo is a 10th-degree black belt and has over 50 years of teaching experience, 40 of which were spent in Texas. Over the years, he has won numerous awards for both teaching and martial arts ( Grandmaster Kim Soo is also the Founder of the Chayon-Ryu Martial Arts System, which incorporates several different styles of martial arts (see below). It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to train (in English!) under a Grandmaster who created the system that you are studying. But the best part of all: Grandmaster Kim Soo’s class is easy to follow and a lot of fun; he is a very patient and helpful teacher who really cares about his students.

To find out more information about Grandmaster Kim Soo and the Chayon-Ryu Martial Arts System, feel free to visit the links below.

Class Information:

When: Monday and Wednesday 8:00pm to 9:30pm
Cost: 40,000 Won per month
Location: Sport For All Busan Assocation (SABA)
Directions: Metro Line 2(Green Line): Busan Museum of Modern Art station, Exit 5
When you exit the metro, go straight (on the pathway) for about 50m and the SABA building (& some tennis courts) will be to your left. Veer left, there will be Olympic rings on the ground outside – that’s the SABA building. Go inside the SABA building, and use the staircase to your left to go up to the 2nd floor. The room is in the far left corner.
Tel: 010-8961-4060

Additional information provided by Grandmaster Kim Soo:

Grandmaster Kim Soo welcomes men and women of all levels and from all nationalities. Note: Grandmaster Kim Soo is fluent in Korean and English and can speak some Russian and Spanish.

Chayon-Ryu Martial Arts System (Natural Way) (

Chayon-Ryu was founded well before the current craze of mixed-martial arts. Most martial arts today focus on sports and competition, and they focus only on the physical aspects of martial arts. The focus of Chayon-Ryu is on training one’s mind, body, and spirit and not on fighting, violence or competition. It is based on those natural movements found within each of its parent styles:
Korean taekwondo
Chinese chu’an fa
Hapkido / Aikido
Judo / Jujitsu

Grandmaster Kim Soo is the Founder of the Chayon-Ryu Martial Arts System. He began his martial arts training as a child in Korea. Since earning his B.A. degree in Russian Languages and Literature, Grandmaster Kim founded the Takkyun Kwon-Beop club at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies and the Korean Taekwon Academy in Seoul, Korea.

 He also served as the first Korean correspondent for BLACK BELT MAGAZINE and authored three best-selling books. In 1968, he moved to Houston, Texas and began teaching at both Rice University and the University of Houston.

 In 2010, he moved back to Korea to fulfill a lifelong dream of sharing his knowledge and teaching skills with his fellow countrymen.
Currently, Grandmaster Kim Soo is a member of the Faculty at Dong-Eui University in the College of Sport Science.

For more information contact Grandmaster Kim Soo:
Phone: 010-8961-4060

Skype: Pyung-soo Kim

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    Grandmaster Kim, Master Kim, and kimsookarate is the best thing that ever happened. Thankful for the many years of training.