Thursday, November 8, 2012

2012 Crane Festival Chayon Ryu demonstration


Grandmaster Kim Soo enjoys a visit from Sabomnim Robert Henriksen (3rd Dan), who accompanies Grandmaster and participates in his classes and demonstrations. This is a great honor for any black belt in the Chayon-Ryu system. This video was taken at the International Crane Festival in Pusan and shows Grandmaster and Mr. Henriksen demonstrating many routines from the heart of Chayon-Ryu practice.

The demonstration includes:
A karate kata (Nohai), A black belt level long staff form (Bong Hyung IV), Korean Kwon Beop two man sparring exercise (Hanson Daeryon), Knife and Gun self defense and throwing techniques, Korean Kwon Beop two man form (Jang Kwon), breaking technique, and a classical karate kata performed by Grandmaster.

Grandmaster Kim Soo and Mr. Robert Henriksen demonstrate the arts of Chayon-Ryu at the International Crane Festival in Pusan, S. Korea.

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