Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Rank and Age
In many countries and societies people are respected according to their age. The older the person, the more respected he is. It is assumed that older people have more knowledge and expertise. On the other hand, younger people are often not taken seriously and sometimes dismissed, especially by their elders. After all, how could they possibly have gained the knowledge and experience of their seniors during such a short life? It is right and good to respect your elders; however, respect should be given to people of all ages.
Unlike society showing more respect to older people rather than young, the military, like martial arts, requires that respect be given to those of higher rank regardless of age. A sergeant must salute a captain. A major must salute a colonel just as a green belt must bow to a purple belt and a 5th dan black belt must bow to an 8th dan black belt.
Rank is earned through training, learning, time and hard work. Persons with a higher rank than yourself regardless of age must be shown respect. They have earned it. They have trained longer and have more knowledge than you. Even if for some reason right or wrong you don’t like the person, or feel that he doesn’t deserve your respect, if not the person, you must show respect for the rank.
Everyone grows old. Only some earn rank.

Grandmaster Kim Soo
Founder, Chayon-Ryu International Martial Arts Association

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