Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Grandmaster Kim Soo's Letter to Chayon-Ryu Black Belts

A Letter to Chayon-Ryu Black Belts

June 30, 2012

Dear Black Belts,

Since my return to Houston from Busan last December, I have been very busy. I have been teaching, conducting Tuksu Suryon, working on a new DVD project, and a self-defense book. I have taught at Chayon-Ryu World Headquarters, visited and taught at various branch schools.

I will be traveling to Busan in late July to teach Chayon-Ryu at Busan Sports for All Association (SABA) and at Dong Eui University. I would like to extend an invitation to any black belts and their families that are interested to come to train and visit in Busan. I wish I could cover all of your expenses, but I cannot. I will offer lodging at my condo for small groups. Other expenses (meals, entertainment etc.) will be your responsibility. If a large group is coming, group travel/tour arrangements could be made.

I will return to Houston in late December. We will celebrate the New Year and the anniversary of my arrival to Houston 45 years ago. The Mayor of Houston will also make a proclamation recognizing 45 years of Chayon-Ryu in Houston. After this trip, I have no plans to go back to Korea.

During my absence, Master Kim will be taking my place and will be in charge. Please respect and obey him as you would me. Honor your duty and responsibilities as black belts. Come often, be humble, instruct, train, participate in events, and take care of our students and the Dojang.

Like many other businesses and individuals, the economic state of the country hurt us last year. We are doing much better now but need your continued support to grow Chayon-Ryu and make the best martial arts system even better. This is to your benefit as well as all others involved.

Grandmaster Kim Soo
Founder Chayon-Ryu International Martial Arts Association

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