Monday, June 11, 2012

Chayon-Ryu at Tier One Universities


Grandmaster Kim Soo founded the Karate class for the P.E. department of the University of Houston Central Campus in 1969.

There were over 100 students in each of his classes, and it is possible that these were the largest university P. E. classes in the world. 

He taught 2 beginner classes and one Intermediate class for over 30 years at UH.  Grandmaster also founded a program at Rice University, Texas Southern University and St. Thomas University. 

 Chayon-Ryu is taught on many college campuses throughout the southern United States including Lee College at Baytown, TX, Lonestar  College, University of Texas at Austin, and The University of North Carolina at Ashville, as well as the College of Sport Science in Busan S. Korea.

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