Saturday, June 9, 2012

Grandmaster Kim Soo Visits Branch Schools

Grandmaster's Annual visit to Chayon-Ryu Branch Schools

Grandmaster Kim Soo recently visited many of the branch schools in the Chayon-Ryu Martial arts System. Each year Grandmaster Kim Soo visits all branch schools to teach, build community spirit, and give tests.

KIM SOO KARATE OF WIMBERLY, TX  - Grandmaster visited the Wimberly school which is under the direction of Mr. Richard Griffin. They are preparing for the grand opening of a brand new dojang facility at the end of June.

Grandmaster Kim Soo visits the Wimberly, TX school.

 NORTH CAROLINA CATAWBA COLLEGE PROGRAM - Grandmaster visited the North Carolina Chayon-ryu school under the direction of Master David Mitchell.  Grandmaster gave rank exams to black belt candidates and taught special Tuksu Suryon class, and special PIT training class with local law enforcement officers.

Grandmaster visits the students at the Catawba College Chayon-Ryu program in North Carolina

Grandmaster with students at Catawba Tuksu Suryon class

Grandmaster in North Carolina forms practice

Grandmaster forms practice in Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina
It is a good opportunity for students to meet the system founder and get instruction from the supreme Grandmaster of the system, and build good spirit for all students and instructors within the Chayon-Ryu community.  Chayon-Ryu is a world wide system, and has programs in many educational venues (high school and college programs) throughout the Southeastern United States.

Grandmaster also visited the Kingwood Branch
school located in Kingwood, TX.

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