Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Grandmaster Celebrates the 47th Anniversary of Coming to America

Congratulations to Grandmaster Kim Soo on his 47th anniversary. 

Grandmaster, Mrs. Kim & baby
Sean Kim at airport, Seoul, 1968
In January of 1968, a young Kim Soo ventured out leaving his home on Seoul, Korea for the unknown. 

He left behind his wife and one year-old son, carrying only $100 in his pocket--and a burning desire to share his martial arts knowledge with the world. His destination: Houston, Texas. Houston of the 1960's had no Korean community, so Grandmaster was on his own upon arrival. 

His struggle to bring his knowledge to us, and challenges he faced, are part of our legacy as his students. Every student should know the story of Grandmaster's life long journey to deliver Chayon-Ryu to the people of the world.

 A man of great wisdom, strength, and integrity, Grandmaster Kim Soo has, since his arrival in the U. S., welcomed students of all backgrounds, ages, races, colors, religions, and both sexes -- an unusual posture indeed for a martial arts instructor in the 1960s. His emphasis on health, safety, and fitness has combined with his technique instruction to build a world-famous traditional martial arts system which is truly a beneficial way of life. Thank you, Grandmaster, and happy anniversary!

This Saturday is the CELEBRATION TRAINING commemorating the 47th Anniversary of Grandmaster Kim's arrival from Korea. We hope to see all our local branches attend (10:30-noon) at the Chayon-Ryu World Headquarters!

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