Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Congratulations to black belts promoted at the 282nd Rank Examination:

Master Raymond C. Nelson is awarded his 6th degree black belt and certificate by Grandmaster Kim Soo

Master Michael Dugas has showed plenty patience of dedication over 35 years finally, achieved his 5th Dan master degree
Master John Rogers presented with his 5th Dan certificate by Grandmaster Kim Soo

  • 7th Dan David Bryan Reed (World HQ) 
  • 7th Dan John Stephens (Downtown)
  • 7th Dan Honor Benjamin Lew (Clear Lake)
  • 6th Dan Raymond Nelson (World HQ)
  • 6th Dan Lawrence Lee Robinson Jr (Downtown)
  • 5th Dan Michael Dugas (World HQ)
  • 5th Dan Brian Hammer (Kim Soo Martial Arts of Austin, Texas)
  • 5th Dan John Peterson Rogers (Katy Kim Soo Karate)
  • 4th Dan Alex Adams (Downtown)
  • 3rd Dan Alberto Borjas (World HQ)
  • 3rd Dan Sydney Moen (Downtown) 
  • 2nd Dan Sarah Geenberg (Wimberley Chayon-Ryu)

 photo credit: Kenneth Young, Sabeomnim--Kingwood Chayon-Ryu

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