Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Dojang Is Part of You-by Grandmaster Kim Soo

The Dojang is Part of You by Grandmaster Kim Soo

How do you think and feel about your Dojang? Have you ever considered it a part of you? If not, think about it. The Dojang is a part of your life, your mind, spirit and body. It is a place where we not only train our bodies and minds, but train to be better Human Beings. It should be treated and cared for as such.

Do you wash your face and hands every day? If you get sick, do you take steps to get well? Do you eat? The Dojang is like your body. It needs to be cared for in many ways. There are those that consistently, humbly contribute by cleaning, mopping, painting and sweeping. Some contribute in other ways. When there are things that need to be done they get them taken care of. These could be administrative duties, replacing a light fixture, getting supplies from the store or taking on any number of tasks necessary to keep our Dojang running smoothly and efficiently.

Sadly, there are those that do not help in any way. Many of these are higher ranking students and instructors. They take and do not give back. Paying your dues is a small part of training and being part of the Dojang. Thinking that all you need to do is pay your fees, train and leave is a very poor, bad attitude. Caring for the Dojang helps you to learn humility, and it is part of your training and it is your Duty as a Martial Artist.

The actions and behavior of some is not only unhelpful, but actually detrimental to the health of our Dojang. 
If you are showing off around beginning students building your ego, sparring too hard with lack of control, scaring, intimidating or hurting people, you are harming the well-being of the Dojang, yourself and those around you. 
This type of behavior is reflective of students that have missed something in their training. It is bad behavior as a Human Being in general and exceptionally so for a student of Chayon Ryu. 
Those that behave in this manner are not qualified to be a Chayon Ryu Instructor, or student of any rank, including senior ranks. These actions are unacceptable in Chayon Ryu. Anyone behaving in this manner should correct it immediately, leave Chayon Ryu, or be dismissed.

Bo Shi is something that you need to know and strive for in and out of the Dojang. It is part of your training. Do you know what Bo Shi is? Have you heard of it? You should have. It is outlined in our website; its precepts are printed and posted in the lobby of Chayon Ryu Headquarters. It has been discussed at various Tuksu Suryons. If you don’t know what it is, please find it, read it, learn it and practice it in the Dojang and in your life every day. Cause no unnecessary harm, help only.


Founder Chayon-Ryu International Martial Arts Association
January 24, 2015

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