Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Mayor Annise Parker presents Grandmaster Kim Soo
with his official proclaimation.

 January 15, 2013 was declared Grandmaster Kim Pyung-Soo Day by Houston Mayor Annise Parker. 
Celebrating the 45th (sapphire) anniversary of Grandmaster's arrival in the U.S. and the founding of Chayon-Ryu International, and his numerous contributions to the citizens of the city of Houston and beyond, the mayor made a special proclamation in the Houston City Council Chamber.

Mayor Parker spoke of Grandmaster Kim Soo's contributions not only in martial arts, but as a participant in the city. A business owner, teacher, community figure, educator (teaching at the University of Houston and Rice University since 1970) and good citizen of Houston for 45 years. 

In return, Grandmaster Kim Soo graciously awarded Mayor Parker the honorary rank of 1st Degree Black Belt.

Grandmaster Kim Soo promotes Mayor Parker to the rank of honorary 1st Degree Black Belt in Chayon-Ryu.

Master Sean Kim, Grandmaster, Mayor Annise Parker, Mrs. Kim, Gigi Lee, and masters and black belts of Chayon-Ryu.
Grandmaster who has touched the lives of tens of thousands of students since his arrival in the U. S. 45 years ago, continues this work today.

See the video below:

Grandmaster has received many such awards and honors throughout his career. To learn more about Grandmaster's hallmark achievements visit the awards and honors page of the Chayon-Ryu International website.
photography credit: Robert Henriksen

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  1. 46 years ago today I arrived in USA with only burning desire and $100. in the pocket even without the Green Card. My purpose of this trip was to share my knowledge with others and preserve the legacies of 1st generation masters of Korea.