Friday, July 1, 2011


Introduction to Chayon-Ryu- "The Natural Way" Martial Arts
by Melissa L. Nichols, Kyosanim, CYR

Grandmaster Kim Soo

This is the online magazine/blog for the international Chayon-Ryu martial arts association , founded my Korean Grandmaster Kim Pyung-Soo in 1968 in Houston, Texas. Grandmaster has been teaching martial arts in the United States, Korea and the world for over fifty years.  You can learn more about this amazing man by reading the article "An introduction to Grandmaster Kim Soo."
This video introduction gives you a basic idea of what Chayon-Ryu is, but as you read the articles, and follow the blog, you will see that the Chayon-Ryu martial arts philosophy encompasses more than kicking and punching; it is a lifestyle art that can help you attain health, success and longevity. 

Chayon-Ryu is designed to help the practioner gain confidence, self-esteem and a better understanding of themselves and the world through the practice and philosophy taught by Grandmaster Kim Soo.  In today's world, Chayon-Ryu can be a vital tool in stress management, and internal enemies which factor in our daily routines.  Everyone experiences stress, but we don't allow ourselves healthy outlets for it, and we don't always have the tools to face what life throws at us. Chayon-Ryu can help!

Chayon-Ryu can help indivuals with:

  • mental stress
  • low self esteem
  • low self confidence
  • fitness/ weight loss
  • learn self-defense
So check us out and see why Chayon-Ryu is a lifestyle martial art!
Melissa L. Nichols, Kyosanim (Black Belt, 1st Dan)

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