Sunday, July 31, 2011


What is Bo Shi?
Grandmaster Kim Soo introduced the concept of Bo Shi to the students and instructors of Chayon-Ryu on May 17, 2009.

One day a villager asked a wise man why he was unlucky and never got a break.  The wise man told him to make an offering.  The man replied that he had nothing left to offer. The wise man said that money or goods was not what he was talking about.  Everyone has something to offer that costs nothing.  This is the concept of "BO SHI."  We all have seven things that we can do to help others, than in turn will help us too.  Much like the idea of what comes around goes around, or where there is cause, there will be a result.

The Seven Bo Shi:

1. Hwa Ahn Shi - the friendly or peaceful face.
2. On Shi- friendly encouraging words, praise, giving hope.
3. Ahn Shi- friendly glance or eye contact.
4. Shim Shi- the open mind and open heart. No prejudice or preconceived notions.
5. Shin Shi- physically helping. Pick up a heavy object, or open a door for someone.
6. Juah Shi- consideration or politeness. Give up a seat for someone who needs it more than you.
7. Chal Shi- Finding a need and offering to meet it. Advanced awareness. This is not asking someone what they need, but rather the anticipation of a need.

Think of these actions in a sincere way,  while going about your day. Ask yourself if you are treating others as you would like to be treated? Are you giving off good karma? What kind of environment are you presenting to those around you? When you are teaching class are you helping students and making them feel better about themselves? 

Remember: the goal of training in Chayon-Ryu is education and improving our lives and the lives of those around us.
Grandmaster Kim Soo, founder Chayon-Ryu.

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