Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Angel Ochoa Appointed Chief Instructor-Rice University Karat Club

Master Sean Kim, Sabeomnim Angel Ochoa, and Grandmaster Kim Soo
Angel Ochoa Appointed Chief Instructor of Rice University Karate Club
Houston, TX, USA

4th Degree Black Belt, Angel Ochoa was given his chief 
instructor citation by Grandmaster Kim Soo to head up the Rice University Chayon-Ryu club, which Grandmaster Kim Soo established in 1968. Rice Karate Club is the oldest University Martial arts club run by one system in the world. 

1968 Rice Karate Club Group Photo.

Mr. Ochoa is a dedicated and hardworking member of the Chayon-Ryu System. His siblings and he have been training for many years together under the direction of Grandmaster Kim Soo, and now Mr. Ochoa will be head instructor at the Rice club, Inside Chayon-Ryu congratulates you!

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