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Chayon Ryu, A Unique Style-by Grandmaster Kim Soo

Chayon-Ryu students doing Forms
Chayon Ryu, a Unique Style
by Grandmaster Kim Soo

Chayon Ryu is a unique martial art developed by Grandmaster Kim Soo. Its foundation lies in the traditional martial arts, Taekwondo, Karate and Chuan Fa (Kung Fu). Although its root is in the traditional martial arts, it differs from other styles in many ways. These differences are a result of a lifetime of experience and refinement by Grandmaster Kim Soo incorporating the natural movements of the human body in to traditional martial art.

Sensei Kanken, Toyama
Granmaster Yoon, Byung-In
Our Chuan Fa influence is from Grandmaster Yoon Byung In. He was born in a small town in China after his family fled Korea during the Japanese invasion in 1909. There he trained under Mongolian instructors until mid-1930 after which he left for Tokyo Japan to study at Nihon University. It was there that he met Professor and Sensei, Kanken Toyama whom our Karate and Taekwondo influence comes from. Sensei Toyama is well known for founding Shudo-Kan Karate.

 He and Grandmaster Yoon Byung In began to exchange ideas. Soon, Grandmaster Yoon Byung In became one of Sensei Toyama’s top students. It was then that their two styles came together.

Chuan Fa has very smooth, circular, graceful movements. Most Karate and Taekwondo styles have strong, quick, rough movements with quick stops and starts. Chayon Ryu is a blend of these arts and maintains their traditional old forms. Chayon Ryu forms demonstrate strength while being very smooth and graceful. This is the main difference in the styles.

If you were to watch a Chayon Ryu student and a Karate or Taekwondo student perform the same form, although they would have the same pattern and techniques, they would appear different.

The Chayon Ryu performer would appear smooth, powerful and graceful while the Karate or Taekwondo performer would appear strong, choppy and rough. An advanced student watching a Chayon Ryu demonstration once told Grandmaster Kim that he had never seen this style, that it was poetry in motion.

Chayon Ryu is not about Tournaments and competition. Tournaments teach the wrong values. Winning at all costs and egoism. Chayon Ryu strives to preserve tradition, instill confidence, discipline and wisdom while teaching a way of living a long, balanced and harmonious life.

Grandmaster Kim Soo,
Founder Chayon-Ryu Martia Arts

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