Sunday, August 3, 2014

Teaching Others Crucial To Understanding Chayon-Ryu

Houston, TX, USA-

Grandmaster Kim Soo emphasized the importance of teaching at the July Tuksu Suryon. Teaching others reinforces our own understanding, and increases our own knowledge. Grandmaster Kim Soo reviewed teaching method for first ten lessons given to beginners, and lectured on the importance of the role of teaching within the Chayon-Ryu system. "Everyone has it in them already. We are all already masters," Grandmaster said, stressing that the natural way teaching method is designed to cultivate what already exists within each of us. Teaching others is vital to our own refinement and deeper understanding.

Teaching beginners, Grandmaster stressed, we must build their confidence, and ease their fears. The role of an instructor is not to be a drill sergeant, but an educator.  Grandmaster Kim Soo gave a review of the first ten lessons given to beginners, and reviewed basic movements, fundamentals and principles for all instructor level members in attendance.


Grandmaster issued the 2014 Kong Awards to recipients Mr. Brian Moye and Mr.Douglas Rodriguez for sincere efforts in the continuation and improvement of the International Chayon-Ryu
Martial Arts Association.

Mr. Brian A. Moye receives a Kong award of Merit.

Grandmaster Kim Soo award Mr. Douglas Rodriguez a Kong Award of Merit
"You have demonstrated your concern and interest in preserving Chayon-Ryu and it is with deep appreciation and kindest regards that I recognize your dedication with this certificate of appreciation. Yours for the good of Chayon-Ryu Martial Arts, Grandmaster Kim Soo, founder of Chayon-Ryu."

Grandmaster emphasized the importance of falling in the proper Chayon-Ryu way. Falling properly allows the
defender to kick and punch and counter attack from a ground position.

Photos by Mr. Kenneth Young, Sydney Moen and Melissa L. Nichols

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