Sunday, August 10, 2014

Master Benjamin Lew Retires

After teaching as chief instructor since 1982, Master Benjamin Lew is retiring, but will always consider his students as family.

Master Lew began training in Chayon-Ryu nearly forty years ago, and started training Kim Soo Karate Clearlake in 1975. In 1982, he took over as the chief instructor from Mr. Paul Driggers. Master Lew was awarded with a certificate of appreciation from Grandmaster Kim Soo for his years of service and dedication to Chayon-Ryu.
Master Ray Nelson, Mr. Warren Faubion, Grandmaster Kim Soo, Master Lew, and Master Santiago Rangel

Mr. Faubion is appointed new chief instructor for Kim Soo Karate Clearlake

Mr. Warren Faubion was appointed the new chief instructor for Kim Soo Karate of Clearlake. Congratulations Master Lew on forty years of dedication, and to Mr. Faubion for his appointment.

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