Monday, February 10, 2014


Kim Soo Karate presents
Kwon Bop Hyung – the Chu’an Fa forms collection
Grandmaster Kim Soo, 10th degree black belt and founder of Chayon-Ryu demonstrates the Kwon Beop forms of the Chayon-Ryu System.
Brought from China to Korea in the 1940’s by Korean Grandmaster Yoon Byung-In , and then to the United States by Grandmaster Kim Soo in 1968.
These forms are the preserved teachings of the Great Manchurian Masters, and the legacy of the Chayon-Ryu system.
The collection includes:
Vol. One: Dan Kwon- Short Fist

Vol. Two: Do Ju San- Escaping through the Mist

Vol. Three: Jang Kwon- Long Fist (two man form)

Vol. Four: Tae Jo Kwon- Founder King Form

Vol. Five: So Ho Yon- Little Tigers Play

Vol. Six: Palgi Kwon- 8th Manchurian Cavalry
 Each volume contains special features and interviews with Grandmaster Kim Soo

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