Sunday, February 16, 2014

Graduation and Being Part of Chayon-Ryu

Grandmaster Kim Soo
Graduation and Being Part of Chayon-Ryu

In my over 60 years of teaching at all levels, I have met and taught many and all kinds of people. Occasionally, I have a student that thinks he has graduated from Chayon-Ryu. The last one of these graduates was a very educated man. Just like he finished and paid for his teaching and degrees and moved on, he got his black belt and decided to open his own school in another state under another name. He was going to change his teaching methods too. He made it clear to me that he had graduated, was no longer part of Chayon-Ryu and did not want my assistance or interference in his business. He had paid for his training and that was it. This is a very bad attitude. I let him go down his own path.

There is no graduation from Chayon-Ryu. I have not graduated. No one does. To think this way is wrong thinking and a total misunderstanding of traditional martial arts. Chayon–Ryu is for life. Endeavor in your training always.
In a few instances we’ve had high ranking students, Third Dan, Fifth Dan who quit for different reasons. They quit paying their dues and announce that they are no longer part of Chayon-Ryu. Even though they have quit and are gone, this cannot be. When you are born, you come in to this world and you are given a name, Smith, Nguyen, Kim. This is your name always from then on. Even if you change your name, your given name is still part of you and always will be.

When you come to Chayon-Ryu for the first time with your white belt on, nervous, intimidated, without knowledge, it is like being born into Chayon-Ryu. Over time, your knowledge and your confidence increases. You learn to walk, to kick, to punch, to defend yourself. You learn forms. Your foundation is built. Whether you train a few months or many years, Chayon-Ryu is part of you. It is in your blood. This can never change. Even if you came from another school to train in Chayon-Ryu, you gained knowledge here, both mental and physical that will always be part of you.

It makes me sad and sick that some students think this way. Please always remember your roots.



Founder Chayon-Ryu International Martial Arts Association
February 16, 2014

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