Saturday, March 23, 2013

Photos from March Tuksu Suryon Class

Master Sean Kim, 8th Dan
 Grandmaster Kim Soo, Master Sean Kim, and the masters and instructor level students of Chayon-Ryu trained at the world headquarters for the bi monthly Tuksu Suryon, instructor clinic.

Grandmaster's mission is to create martial arts instructors, who will carry on the legacy of the Chayon-Ryu tradition and teachings.
Group photo from second session - Black and Brown Belt level- (Grandmaster Kim Soo seated, center)
Grandmaster requires all instructor level students to attend teaching clinics four times per year to maintain the integrity of the system, to teach refinements, and keep the high standards of Chayon-Ryu current with all instructors, and those who will take on the mantle of instructor.

Black Belts perform Bong (Long Staff) forms

Jang Bong (Long Staff)

group photo first session- blue, purple, brown, black belt level

Jang Bong Sul practice

photo credit: Kenneth Young, Sabeomnim, Kingwood, Chayon-Ryu

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