Sunday, February 10, 2013

HOSHIN SUL-The Art Of Self Defense DVD

Master Robert McLain and Saboemnim Robert Henriksen
demonstrate variations on grabs and joint locks
Coming in 2013, the next addition to the Kim Soo Instructional DVD series
HOSHIN SUL-The Art of Self-Defense 

Grandmaster Kim Soo, 10th degree black belt and founder of Chayon-Ryu presents Hoshin Sul, the art of self defense.

Join Grandmaster Kim Soo and his black belt masters as they demonstrate self defense techniques from the Chayon-Ryu martial arts system. Escapes, Grabs, Holds, Avoiding and Throwing are demonstrated by Grandmaster and his black belts.
Gun Defense

Defense against kicks

Defense against kicks


Front choke defense

avoiding and counter striking

Rope attack defense

Rope attack defense
Rope defense

Avoiding and counter striking

defense against kicking

defense against kicking

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