Sunday, February 3, 2013

271st Rank Examination at the World Headquarters

February 2, 2013- Grandmaster Kim Soo and the black belts of Chayon-Ryu held the 271st rank examination at the world headquarters dojang.

Students from all branch schools of the Chayon-Ryu system attend the examinations. In Chayon-Ryu all tests are held at the main Headquarters dojang.

Image gallery from 271st Rank Examination 

Group photo of Grandmaster, Black Belt Judges and students testing in the morning
session (white and orange belts).

Grandmaster addresses the black and brown belts testing in the afternoon session.

Self -Defense take down demonstration

Basic movements drills

Basic movements drills

Kids under age 10 recite the dojang hun in lieu of taking a written exam

pre-arranged tactics: Formals

Self Defense

pre-arranged tactics: practicals

Kimasae center punch drill

pre-arranged tactics: practicals

a white belt student breaking with knifehand strike

free sparring

deep breathing exercises



Grandmaster Kim Soo, the Black Belt judges and students who tested in the
afternoon session (blue-black belt).

white belts testing

Hanson Daeryon: Korean Kung Fu hand sparring

orange belt forms

free sparring


photo credit: Kenneth Young, Sabomnim 3rd Dan--Kingwood Branch School

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