Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Training and Teaching
 by Grandmaster Kim Soo

To All Students,
Many of our older students will remember when we held Instructor Clinics. Instructor clinics have been replaced by Tuksu Suryon which everyone should be aware of. Like Instructor Clinics, Tuksu Suryon is designed to teach students good teaching methods and to build confidence in their abilities to teach our system. All students who are Blue Belts and higher are Strongly Encouraged to attend Tuksu Suryon.

Whether or not you envision a future that includes teaching Chayon Ryu, you will benefit from Tuksu Suryon. Learning how to teach and confidently run an organized class is part of your training. It is an unwritten requirement. When teaching, you learn from your students. You learn from the questions they challenge you with, from trying to pass on a technique that you can’t put in to words and many other situations that arise only when teaching.

Tuksu Suryon is a priceless opportunity to learn how to teach from Grandmaster Kim, Master Kim and other Master level teachers who have nearly a lifetime of training. Grandmaster Kim has set up countless Karate clubs and schools during his life. Master Kim began training when he was five years old. This experience and opportunity should not be taken for granted. Outside of our system, this type of training is rare if available at all. Learning to teach will improve your skills and help you grow as it will our students. Teaching is giving back what has been given to you and is the only way to maintain and grow Chayon Ryu.

Since his return from Korea Grandmaster Kim has been watching classes and observed many instructors teaching incorrectly. Some examples are disorganized classes, inadequate warm ups, counting so quickly that students cannot keep up and instructors lacking confidence. A student training with an instructor who lacks confidence will pick up on it and be nervous and lacking confidence himself. Just because a student is high ranking or is a Black Belt does not mean that they know how to teach correctly. Chayon Ryu is not a simple sport system with a few punches and kicks that can be easily taught. It is a complex traditional martial arts system that requires us to train to become competent instructors.

Seeing instructors teaching incorrectly makes Grandmaster Kim worried and anxious. Please attend Tuksu Suryon regularly, ask questions, learn how to teach. This will benefit students, increase your knowledge and skills, grow Chayon Ryu and put Grandmasters mind at ease.

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