Friday, March 24, 2017

Grandmaster Kim Soo Visits Wimberley Dojang

Sabeomnim Geenberg
Grandmaster Kim Soo Visits Wimberley Dojang
submitted by Sarah Geenberg, Sabeomnim, Wimberley Chayon-Ryu

Grandmaster Kim Soo visited the Chayon-Ryu dojang in Wimberley, TX, on March 18th; making this his first visit to the new studio. While there, Grandmaster taught a class for the students and faculty, focusing on basics and practicing forms while imagining an opponent.  

Grandmaster Kim Soo teaching at Wimberley
Grandmaster Kim Soo told stories of his days in Korea and explained why we do some things the way we do them in Chayon-Ryu, and how he evolved that method.  He was encouraging to the students.  Then the students did an impromptu demonstration.  Master John Stephens also attended, and he demonstrated some Judo techniques for the students.  After class, the day ended with a potluck lunch. Wimberley is very grateful for the visit, the students learn a lot from Grandmaster’s visit, and the spirit of the school is soaring.

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