Monday, February 13, 2017

2017 New Year Message From Grandmaster Kim Soo

2017 New Year Message From Grandmaster Kim Soo
Happy New Year Everyone!
This year marks 49 years of Chayon Ryu improving lives in Houston Texas. Please continue training not only for your own benefit but so that you can pass on the traditions and knowledge that you’ve gained through your training to others.  

 Moving into the New Year please keep the following in mind, and practice this both in and out of the Dojang.

Have an unselfish attitude. Help others wherever you can. Offer encouraging words and praise and give hope. Something as small as acknowledging someone and giving a smile when you normally wouldn’t could make someone’s day. Make those that you train with comfortable around you. Offer something that you have to someone that needs it more than you. Help to clean and maintain the Dojang. Being humble is part of your training. Cleaning and helping to keep the Dojang in good operational condition is not only part of your training but your Duty.

Keep an open mind and heart.  Do not have preconceived notions or harbor prejudice. Just because someone is on a different path than you, doesn’t mean they’re lost. See things as they are, without making assumptions or projecting possible different scenarios onto them.

Respect Others. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Be considerate and polite. Adhere to the etiquette of the Dojang. Be aware of those around you.
Do not gossip in or around the Dojang. Gossip is poison that is spread to others. It is usually based on conjecture and rumors, and is usually partially or completely untrue. Gossip often causes unnecessary ill will and is bad Karma.

When you enter the Dojang, leave the outside behind. Meditate, stretch, and warm up. It is not a social venue for students to converse about their day, sports or whatever. If you speak with one another, speak quietly. This has gotten very lax over time. If you walked in to a Church, would you talk with one another loudly? Please treat the Dojang respectfully.

Just like you take care of yourself every day, you eat, you drink, you take a vitamin; you should train a little every day.  At home, at work, anywhere; do a little training. Even in your mind, go over a form or a technique. This too, is taking care of yourself.

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