Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Traditional First Class Of 2014

On Monday, January 6, 2014, students from all over the Greater Houston area attended the traditional first class of the year with Grandmaster Kim Soo.  A long standing tradition of the Chayon-Ryu system, no branch schools hold formal classes after the holidays until this class is held at the Headquarters. It is a wonderful way to kick off the new year, meet new people in the system and train with Grandmaster and other black belts in the system.

Grandmaster Kim Soo with Cheryl Lauersdorf and Melissa Dabney, a mother/daughter duo
from Kim Soo Karate of Baytown.
stretching before class

Grandmaster tells stories while the students stretch

forms practice

Grandmaster lectures on the purpose of training for life

Dojusan- "escaping through the mist"

Grandmaster demonstrates take down techniques on Sabeomnim Angel Ochoa

free sparring

Grandmaster writes Cheryl's name on her dobok

Post sparring bliss--learning and having fun. Sabeomnim Daniel Young (Kingwood) and Melissa Dabney (Baytown)

Grandmaster writes student names in Korean on their dobok sleeve, Veronica
Maldonado from Kim Soo Karate of Baytown

Isabel, Veronica's daughter is happy with Grandmaster's gift

 photo credits: Kyosanim Melissa L. Nichols, Baytown & Sabeomnim Kenneth Young, Kingwood

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