Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Daily Fight by Grandmaster Kim Soo

 The Daily Fight  
Realize it or not, from the time you get up in the morning until you retire at night you are fighting a battle with your enemies.  These battles are not fought on a battlefield with guns or with fists and feet, but with your mind and reflexes in your everyday environment.

The Enemies that we fight are invisible enemies, stress, (accidents and illness) and an actual, physical visible enemy.  Obviously, a serious threat from a visible enemy, a robber or someone that wants to harm us is not a daily occurrence where stress and the possibility of an accident are.
I have suggested to many people who are suffering stress in their lives to learn self- defense and martial arts.  They have too many excuses: “That won’t work.” “I’m a peaceful person.” “I’m a religious person.”

It is long known and documented that regular exercise is good for your overall health.  It lowers your blood pressure, it reduces stress and increases your immune system.  Martial arts training does this as well as teaches you how to more effectively deal with the situations that cause you stress.  Your reflexes will improve dramatically over time.  Where before you may have fallen and hurt yourself seriously, you will either fall correctly as taught reducing your chance of being hurt or not fall at all.  Where you may have had a car crash before, you may not due to your increased awareness and improved reflexes.

In the event you encounter a visible enemy, a physical threat, avoid if at all possible.  In the event that you actually engage, you have a huge advantage over someone that has no training and possibly the enemy as well.  After all, this is an event that you train for every time you come to the Dojang.

Martial art is a beneficial lifestyle.  Train regularly, be healthy, calm your mind and be at peace.

Best Regards,    

Founder Chayon-Ryu International Martial Arts Association
November 21, 2013 

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