Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Message from Grandmaster Kim Soo

MessageFrom Grandmaster Kim Soo 
This is Chayon-Ryu Policy for all Instructors
My Student or Yours?
Over the years I have taught many students and promoted them to the ranks of Instructors to Masters. Some of them still live here in Houston. Some continue to train here and some run branch schools. Others have scattered across the country and even the world. Many have opened branch schools, all of which teach Chayon-Ryu. 

I have observed that some schools show favoritism or care for their students so much that they feel this is “My” student. The students listen only to and follow only that instructor.  It is like they are the instructor’s servants. Some have gone as far as to shield the student from speaking with others at branch schools. They have even not wanted them to speak with me!  This method of teaching shows a very bad attitude, is wrong thinking and cannot continue.  This is like building up your own private army. 

 In reality, we are all one system, Chayon-Ryu.  The students of Chayon-Ryu are not my students and they are not your students.  They are students of Chayon-Ryu.  Please ensure that your students know that they are part of a large family, a large system and let them draw on the resources and knowledge that Chayon-Ryu has to offer. 

As a reminder, your time in the Dojang before class starts is to be used to stretch, meditate, clear 
your mind of the days stress and what’s ahead of you after class. It is time to focus your mind on your training only. It is not time to break into groups and socialize. Please use this time wisely. There is more than enough time to socialize outside of the Dojang.

Grandmaster Kim Soo

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