Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Grandmaster Kim Soo was invited to the TKD Promotion Foundation in Seoul, Korea where he met with president Bae Johngshin.

Grandmaster donated a collection of photographs spanning 50 years, along with his three published Palgue Books (English and Russian language volumes).

The Palgue of Taekwondo Hyung book series by Grandmaster Kim Soo
The collection will be displayed in the Taekwondowon (Taekwondo Garden) in Miju,Cheolla-Bukdo, S. Korea, in the near future.


GM Park Chull-Hee and GM Kim Soo
Grandmaster was invited along with Grandmaster Park Chull-Hee to Yongin University to preserve on film this vanishing classical art, the legacy of GM Yoon Byung-In.

"In order to preserve this valuable art the TKD Promotion foundation decided to film all of  GM Yoon Byung-in's legacy, which we preserve in Chayon-Ryu. Very few people perform these forms in the world  properly, so during filming I got to do the most of the jobs, approx. 4 hours with lunch break."-GM Kim Soo

Preserving the history of Korean martial arts has been a life long mission of Grandmaster Kim Soo, and a responsibility he passes on to each of us as bearers of his legacy. 

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