Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Through Different Eyes

Written by Robert McLain, as told by Grandmaster Kim Soo

One day, a man was out on a walk when he encountered a suspension bridge along his
path. The bridge extended from one side of a valley to the other and served as a safe route
over a flowing river. The man walked to the center of the bridge, leaned over the railing and
paused to look down upon the river below.

 Upon inspection of the river, the man noticed
the river’s water level was high and slightly covered a fishing pier that extended from one
river bank into the flowing water. At the end of the slightly submerged pier sat a man,
seated in meditation. Standing nearby on the river bank was a large crowd, watching the
meditating man. They were in awe of the meditating man, exclaiming, “Wow, He’s a real
Dosa (Saint)!” “Look how he levitates on the water!” “We must follow him and his

The man looked down from the bridge and thought, “Oh, the crowd cannot see the submerged pier he sits upon and thinks the meditating man has magical powers.” Suddenly, he spotted a huge, grey catfish swimming through the river. The size of the catfish was enormous – as long as an automobile. The man on the bridge watched as the catfish gracefully and quietly swamtowards the meditating man. When the catfish reached the pier the catfish quickly sprang from the water and, in one big gulp, swallowed the meditating man before landing back in the river to continue slowly and gracefully swimming in the river.

There are many lessons to be found in this parable. Overall, this parable illustrates that following a proper path can enable people to see truth in life and avoid being deceived.

Many people study martial arts, but few study proper fundamental principles. These principles or “truth” exist in all things, including martial arts. An understanding of the principles enables people to see through false claims, whether in martial arts or another endeavor.

Nature doesn’t care about “flash” or trickery. It simply follows the “natural way.”

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