Monday, November 14, 2011


Chayon-Ryu a healing art:

The letter below, published with permission by its author is one example of the healing properties of the Chayon-Ryu method. Chayon-Ryu brings balance and harmony to the lives of its students, and helps them to navigate life with the proper tools of character, integrity and self confidence.

 I have written articles on my own personal experiences on self healting through Chayon-Ryu training, and now I'd like to share those of another student.

Neal R. Conrey and his grandson study at the Corpus Christi Chayon-Ryu School under the guidance of Sabomnim Black Belt Instructor Gerald Tashnek. Recently Neal sent this letter to Grandmaster Kim Soo, and Grandmaster contacted me and asked me to publish it here as an inspirational letter to all students and prospective students of Chayon-Ryu.

Respected Father,

Please allow the heartfelt sentiments of this old man to attempt to convey how grateful I am to you, your organization and our Sabomnim Gerald Tashnek. My grandson, Austin, has come through very troubled times in his young life. After enduring drug abuse and criminal conduct from his parents he has come to live with his Grandmother and myself. His pain and trauma is evident in how he sees himself and the world that has shown him less than love and security. It breaks my heart to see him recoil as he tries to function in a life that has stripped him of his dignity and sense of value.

Though we have attended only a few instructions, this little seven-year old boy is changing right before me! His downcast eyes now rise to meet mine and hold their gaze with growing confidence. He recites his Sabomnim's words with clarity and understanding. His stature and general presence is increasing daily. It's as if I am witnessing the butterfly free itself from its old form and rise, with your help, to spread his wings and take flight.

With tears of gratitude, I am faithfully yours,

Neal R. Conrey
Corpu Christi, TX.

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