Wednesday, October 12, 2011


By Grandmaster Kim Soo, 10th. Dan & Founder, Chayon-Ryu Martial Arts

Written by Master Mark Newkirk

When people hear the word control they usually think of sparring, which is important, but control is much more than that. The purpose of training is to have the mind and body together. The mind and body work together toward a common goal, mu shim, one thought one purpose. In sparring the mind and body must have good intension that will keep people from getting hurt. If you lose your temper or are not focused you can hurt someone or get hurt yourself. This is why we should only spar with the appropriate pads. If you use heavy sparring pads or gloves you may not be as careful and your focus is not there. You should only need correct sparring pads and control (mind and body together)
Forms are also about control. Forms are moving meditation, once again the mind and body together. That is how you can teach many people at the same time. Asking them questions like which foot to move when they are learning H pattern forces them to keep concentrating on what their body is doing at the moment. They cannot daydream. Some instructors know a lot of forms but they are fakes. They are just showing off. The public doesn’t have a principle foundation and they are impressed. These instructors do not have the mind and body working together. They just go through the motions. They don’t have control. Some people keep track of how many times they have done a form, they can do a form a thousand times and it still looks bad. Why? They only care about how many they have done and they don’t think about the movements. Suryon is physical and mental training together. Ask yourself why you are doing this movement. What is the purpose?
You must be able to adjust to the situation. That’s why we have an eclectic martial art that is based on common sense. If a friend has been drinking and is bothering you, a kick to the groin or a neck chop would be inappropriate. Some soldiers have a hard time adjusting after returning from war because they have lost control.

Our system patch contains the symbol for the mind signifying that everything starts in the mind. At the Spring Branch dojang there is the sign that means dancing in the sky and playing in the ocean which literally means to be ambitious. Everything starts in the mind whether it’s H pattern or a new business plan that you may have.

Control is physically, emotionally and spiritually being together and balanced not only with sparring but forms and everyday life. That’s why we meditate when entering the dojang to prepare for class. This gets your mind to slow down from things outside the dojang and bring your mind and body together.

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