Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Grandmaster Kim Soo in Korea

10th Dan Black Belt and Founder of Chayon-Ryu
Founder of Korean Taekwon Academy

Grandmaster Kim Soo began his martial arts training as a child in Korea and was promoted to 1st-Degree Black Belt when he was 13. During high school, he dedicated his life to spreading martial arts; and while in college, he founded Kwon Bop Martial Arts club at Han Kuk University of Foreign Studies. After graduating with a degree in Russian Language and Literature, Grandmaster Kim taught taekwondo club at the Animal Husbandry College of Keon-kuk University and founded the Korean Taekwon Academy in Seoul. He also taught the bodyguards of former Korean President Syng Man Rhee, members of the Korean Military Intelligence Agency, and personnel of the U. S. Armed Forces. Grandmaster Kim served as the first Korean correspondent for BLACK BELT MAGAZINE, authored three best-selling books, and promoted more than 600 Black Belts. The youngest 10th-degree Black Belt in the world (10th-degree is the highest rank), Grandmaster Kim began teaching at both Rice University and the University of Houston in l968.


Keep up with Grandmaster Kim Soo as he teaches Chayon-Ryu in Korea.

Visit his website:

for all the news and writings of Grandmaster while he teaches Chayon-Ryu in Busan, Korea.
If you are in Korea, take advantage of this opportunity to train with world renowned martial arts Grandmaster Kim Soo. Founder of the Chayon-Ryu ("Natural Way") martial arts system. Chayon-Ryu is based on the natural movements found within each of its parent styles - Chinese Chu'an Fa, Japanese Karate, Korean Taekwondo, Okinawa-Te, Judo/ Jujitsu, and Hapkido/ Aikido. Chayon-Ryu teaches natural body motion as the basis of all techniques in order to promote power, safety, health, and fitness. Chayon-Ryu is more than just the physical practice of several martial arts. Within the practice, it incorporates an educational system of teaching: Morality, Purpose, Humility, Common Sense, Persistence, and Patience. From this system, one becomes self confident and through self - confidence, one gains self esteem. With these components, one is able to fight the every day enemies, which are not external (physical attackers) but internal such as stress, worry, insecurity, jealousy, impatience, defeat, and depression. Chayon-Ryu is especially valuable to children. Since the focus is on training ones mind, body, and spirit and not on fighting, violence or competition, the child is able to take away a feeling of accomplishment, self-worth and a way of life through mental and physical balance.

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